Sunday, July 18, 2010

I've gone frog wild!

Oh! How I adore these Wonder Frogs, let me count the ways! I've been stalking Wanda (the green one) on a lot of Flickr sites, and in my Blythe friends' photostreams. Her name (his?) really is Wanda; that's what the manufacturer, Studio Uoo, says, but it calls Wanda a 'he.' Some of the Asian sites also call him or her a Wonder Flog, so who knows what the gender is! And who cares?

My frog, as yet unnamed, will be a he, she or it, depending on whatever I put on it for a given photoshoot. And although I did go Frog Wild and order a pink one (Flora Heimel) and a blue one (Brandt Windy), I sensibly kept only the green one and promptly sold the other two. They are hot commodities in the world of Blythe and Friends.

I have discovered that while some Blythe clothes and shoes will fit Wonder Frogs, the most adorable clothes are from Strawberry Shortcake or Tutti and friends of vintage Barbie fame. The clothes for the modern incarnation of Tutti, now Kelli, also fit. Can't get enough of Amphibian Fashions. For more, see my Froggy Flickr set here.

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