Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blythe Con 2009 Atlanta GA

I'm super excited about the first-ever Blythe Convention to be held Oct. 17 at Youngblood Gallery in Atlanta. My "first" Blythe friend, Linda J of Atlanta and her cohorts, Jessica, Kristen and Megumi have been talking about this for a couple years, and it is finally becoming a reality.
And to top it off, they've landed the best possible guest, Gina Garan of This is She's the famous photographer and toy collector who single-handedly breathed new life in Blythe in the US in 2000 after a less-than-stellar start in 1972.
The other special guest is Megan McGaughey. There will be a vendor fair, costume contest, raffle and swag bags. And if all goes according to plan, I'll be rooming with the uber-cool Lindsay Taylor, better known as ElleWoods2007, she of Flickr with her Blythe Opera series, and Angela Hoffman, Gemini Angel Art. I could tell the story again about how I urged Angela to buy a Blythe, but who knows how many hundreds of dolls, toys and accessories later, she's proven she really needed no nudge anyway.
It's been funny to think about the art friends I've turned onto Blythe besides Ang. There's Dolly Mommy Sandy, Miss Vicky and even Artchicapoo Jade just asked me the other day how to buy a Blythe...there's a loaded question....they're kinda like potato chips if you know what I mean.
But we'll all be able to satisy our Blythe cravings for a little bit, thanks to BlytheCon2009.