Thursday, April 29, 2010

More DIY, a Coach purse and a tiny Blythe box

Had such fun making the tiny, one-inch replica Blythe box. Instructions from Dr. Blythenstein on Flickr. I first found one in kittyrobot's room, also on Flickr. I used it, along with other little goodies, for some finishing touches for Blythe Manor II.

The black bedroom dust ruffle, the black throw pillows and the Coach purse all are by Pistachio Libby on Etsy. The Coach fabric is the former wiping cloth from my authentic Coach sunglasses. Ah, the sacrifices we make for Blythe!

I crocheted the little peach throw pillow in the top photo. More details to come.

New family photos

From the top: Daisy, Alice, Molly, Bunny, Abby, Charlotte. Love, love, love.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just My Size: Home Improvement Projects

Fiddling around with a little BIY: Blythe It Yourself. Can you spot all the tiny changes? My only problem-- knowing when to stop touching!

Friday, April 23, 2010


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Thank goodness it's Elephant Day! And Frog Day! Daisy wears her elephant hat by Sweet Honey Complex and her very unusual frog boots (maybe Model Magic?), a Sugarmag dress and stripey tights. Wonder what my office would think if I came to work with an elephant hat like this?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blythe Manor II: The before and after, 8 rms rv vw

Details to come, for now, four words: Krylon Fusion Spray Paint.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fried eggs and Molly. Yum!

Scrambled eggs and Molly
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This is Molly in her adorable pj's from Pistachio Libby on Etsy. She added the fried egg because the fabric set has chickens, and the print on the back says "sunny side up." Great thinkin', huh?

Molly still has them on from the last day of spring vacation. Like me, she's till tired!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Abby: Beach Babe

Abby on the beach
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Abby kicks back with the latest issue of Blythe Living, by Lucky Blythe publishing co, a.k.a. Confettilexi on Flickr and Etsy. Crocheted sundress by Melvia in Lithuania. Just looking at Abby's hair makes me hot and sweaty.

Daisy at the beach Wednesday morning

We've had lots of Blythe drama here, too much for a vacation. Daisy, with her new Pure Neemo flexion body, keeps losing arms, legs, feet and hands every time she gets dressed. Worse, her head keeps falling off unexpectedly. Very creepy. I was advised to use small rubber bands above the neck joint, which I did. One band left her wobbly still and two bands got in the way of the joint and caused her head to keep coming off. So, I opened her head with a screwdriver for the umpteenth time and went back to just one rubber band and a wobbly head. Didn't plan to be opening any heads on this trip.

Next, Abby's sleep pull string broke and her eyes stuck, so I had to open her head to fix that. Miraculously, I hadn't damaged her arc when the string broke, so she could be fixed with only one head opening, knotting the pull string back together and securing it with a little super glue, without getting the string glued to any of the working parts. Amazing. I didn't screw that up.

I had high hopes with all the outlet malls here of snagging some discontinued Barbie furniture or clothes, but every toy store in a 25 mile or more radius seems to have gone out of business. Shocking. Can't believe families with kids who come to the beach don't need to go on a toy shopping spree or pacify junior with a new toy while mom hits the outlet mall.

Only two more days of vacation. :(

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Let the wild rumpus begin! Vacation! Yay!!!

I left Friday afternoon to drive to North Myrtle Beach for my first vacation in a couple years. What should have taken 7 hours took 11 hours, especially since we spent two hours going 6 miles in northern Virginia.

As I crossed the national harbor (drawbridge-scary!), I saw the Washington Monument and the Capitol dome for the first time, amid sunshine and cherry blossoms and sparkling blue water (cue the frogmen- some people will understand that!)

Then I was thrust into what is called The Mixing Bowl for my first time ever. I don't even want to explain it; I am still traumatized from the traffic. But at 15 minutes until midnight I arrived at my stress-lowering destination, along with Molly, Daisy, Abby and Alice.

Molly called shotgun and got to ride outside of their carrier. As you can see, she is a big fan of my driving. She did get a little bored once though.

Abby looks sweet here with her new pink/yellow eye chips, but her sleep string hasn't worked right since I got her, and it broke here so now we are stuck with those eyes until I get home or go buy a tiny screwdriver.

Alice hasn't been photographed much nor Abby, both because I don't want to get sand in their hair. Daisy is the only one who got to go on the beach, since I had just given her a Pure Neemo flexion body. How great that is! I am still figuring out what all I can do with it. Posted some additional pics on my Flickr.

First thing I get after giving her a new body is attitude, demonstrated above with "talk to the hand" and she doesn't even have opposable thumbs! Sure does make for fun photos, though. It took me an extra hour to get out the door for my trip because I had to pack clothes for the Blythes. Sometimes I crack myself up.

When we get back it will be time to work on a new dollhouse or Blythe Manor, and "Joey" should be home from Joey with her whole new face and self. Lilly will be pouty as usual; she never gets to go anywhere because of her earrings and beautiful hair. Don't want to mess up either one.

More vacation pics to follow.