Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Daisy at the beach Wednesday morning

We've had lots of Blythe drama here, too much for a vacation. Daisy, with her new Pure Neemo flexion body, keeps losing arms, legs, feet and hands every time she gets dressed. Worse, her head keeps falling off unexpectedly. Very creepy. I was advised to use small rubber bands above the neck joint, which I did. One band left her wobbly still and two bands got in the way of the joint and caused her head to keep coming off. So, I opened her head with a screwdriver for the umpteenth time and went back to just one rubber band and a wobbly head. Didn't plan to be opening any heads on this trip.

Next, Abby's sleep pull string broke and her eyes stuck, so I had to open her head to fix that. Miraculously, I hadn't damaged her arc when the string broke, so she could be fixed with only one head opening, knotting the pull string back together and securing it with a little super glue, without getting the string glued to any of the working parts. Amazing. I didn't screw that up.

I had high hopes with all the outlet malls here of snagging some discontinued Barbie furniture or clothes, but every toy store in a 25 mile or more radius seems to have gone out of business. Shocking. Can't believe families with kids who come to the beach don't need to go on a toy shopping spree or pacify junior with a new toy while mom hits the outlet mall.

Only two more days of vacation. :(

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