Monday, February 25, 2008

Lilly Gets Tagged By Loovee

Okay, hello! Of course everyone wants to know all about moi; that's why I got tagged instead of mom by WillyNillyWaterlily's Loovee here I'm glad Loovee explained her name. Now I think I might know how to say it. I first heard of Loovee through my friends Molli and Zelda Poor Molli, having to put up with yet another sister, No Name Girl! She should try it around here at Blythe Manor with four sisters! It's about time I got some perks for being the oldest. That's why mom gave me a new bedroom all to myself on the 5th floor. It's soooo cool. Okay, like, here's seven random things about me. I'll try to keep it to seven. It'll be hard.
1. I totally love pizza. I'd eat it every night if mom would let me, and I wouldn't pick anything off, like Tuesday. She's a weenie. Maybe I can get someone to send some pizza and Diet Coke to the 5th floor right now. Mom!!!
2. I just love to shop, and yeah, I kinda like the designer logos. But, mom says good stuff lasts the longest. I wonder if she was talking about purses and shoes?
3. I have a bunch of pets: Mrs. Plumperbottom is a cat and also Lynx, Mynx, Stynkx and Jynx. Mom's cats are Larry and Lester. Larry ate my shoe once. Then he ate some ribbon and a pill and had to go to the hospital twice. I think Mrs. Plumperbottom is smarter. She doesn't eat anything. We have a couple dogs here, too, a Yorkie and a Chihuahua and a Maltese is coming.
4. I don't mind school work at all (don't tell), and I like arts and crafts, too. Mom says I might find a husband someday if I can cook, clean and sew.
5. Don't want no stinkin' husband! Unless he likes to shop. For me. With me. Or just wants to send me shopping. That's best.
6. I am stuck on 70s and 80s music. I know it's from back in the day, but that's what mom likes, and I guess I do, too. My mom's sorta geeky, but then she's kinda cool- she actually likes Hip Hop and stuff like Natasha Bedingfield, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and Chris Brown.
7. I think I will be an interior designer when I grow up, or a fashion designer, or an artist. Wait, no, maybe a chef. Or, maybe I'll have a cute little shop for us Blythe girls....

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some Quick Scenes from Blythe Manor, Fifth Floor Bedroom Added; Lilly Stakes her Claim

Just some quick pics before I fall asleep at my desk. On Jolene (V-Smash), gold crocheted hot pants from grrrliedesigns on etsy, the lovely and published Zoe. Red Blythe Dressing Room Tights and a Barbie camisole and boots complete her look. In the house view, Jolene is wearing her Blythestation (etsy) skully hoodie.
Tuesday (Mondie) looks pensive in a Barbie T-shirt and Blythestation cords. Later, she's in the kitchen in her darling plaid school girl dress from Andrea of LaCrafi on Flickr or La Crafiteira of Brazil. Maggy (ADG #3) is also in the kitchen in her dotty dress from a TIB friend and her highly sought after Re-Ment frog boots, and Only Hearts Club frog from Carrie or Memeeps on Flickr.
Lilly (StarD) is in her new blue boudoir, having "borrowed" Violet's (French Trench) blue pj's. I did the bedding, wallpaper, etc., and the rocker is a pin cushion from JoAn Fabrics.
Blythe Manor is now five storys tall, and we have hit the wall, err ceiling. The house also sprawls sideways about six feet or about five rooms wide also. Lots of room for the girls to spread out!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Blythe Fat Book! What is a Fat Book, You Ask? Just Keep Reading! No Calories!

I found out today the lovely Shoshannah Jennings of Hannah Grey promoted me to moderator of this Yahoo! Blythe group she owns with Heather Simpson-Bluhm of and These art gals share something in common, and that is a love for all things Blythe, along with their artistic talents. And they are not alone.
With more than 30 members in this group and some recent fresh faces, we hope to get a book put together of Blythe art by members. Typically, in a fat book everyone makes a set number of 4 x 4 inch pages front and page, then the pages are swapped out and bound or sent unbound to the recipients, who then have a book full of cool original artwork from all their artsy Blythe friends. It's total eye candy. Some of these same gals are active in The Artists of Chubbyville, also on Yahoo! Many fine fat books have been created by this group. Check it out: More eye candy. Speaking of which-eyes are tired, and I am hungry. Bad combination. Should head to bed, and dream of Blythe.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Gotta Love a Little Rebellion

The same day Jolene found out she was named to People magazine's 100 Most Beautiful issue, she decided to raid the closets for some decidely-unbeautiful attire-at least according to Tuesday's shocked look.
Ever the prim and proper, Tuesday thought Jolene should wear her crown no matter what, but was then quite upset to see she paired it with a skater girl cargo skirt, Union Jack platform boots a la Mick Jagger and a Hello Kitty T. I think she looks pretty rad. (Is that what skater girls say?). Tuesday thinks she look pretty bad, and that's what girls who match their purses and shoes say. Hey, nothing wrong with coordinating.
Maggy hasn't changed in days, and I am sure Tuesday will have something say about that, considering Maggy is now a Vogue cover model. Tuesday is green with envy. Ooh! May have to go change her eyes! Ciao!

Jolene in People's Most Beautiful Issue!

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Maggy in French Vogue!

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Deluxe Apartment in the Sky!

Saturday I worked on level four of Blythe Manor. I am happy to report it is now as tall as I am. After many power tools were brought out to add an extra shelf in this closet abode, with drywall dust flying everywhere and a little DH cursing as usual, the penthouse floor is done. There is one remaining shelf above this, and I cannot decide if that will be the rooftop garage or ??
I still have a few bits of furniture and goodies to bring out. I got a cute VW bug for $10 after Christmas, and it is still in the box, just waiting for the Re-ment Hawaiian girl to be placed on the dash. I also am awaiting a pink standup shower and have to figure out how to fit that in their tiny bathroom. Hey, shouldn't a five-storey townhouse have two bathrooms? Ooh, there's an idea! Time to get out the tools again.
This Blythe Manor is definitely a victim of its own little urban sprawl, now filling up an entire double-wide closet. Yes, closet. Not trailer.
I don't know if I ever explained how the Blythes came to live in the closet. When we bought this house three years ago, this particular room was a candy-pink bedroom for a four year old. The walls were pink; even the ceiling fan blades were pink. And not even a pretty, shabby chic pink. Just a disaster! The carpet was plush grey, but very stained from lots of playing and Hi-C.
So a complete makeover was in order to make this my office/guest bedroom (we never have guests).
The closet had no doors but simple open white wire shelving. This seemed a perfect place to store my office supplies, paper products and books. It looked pretty decent, especially after the room got painted off white with bright white trim and some off-white carpet. The guest bed, now home to my stuffies, has a Martha beige matelasse coverlet and accessories. I have a white wicker desk, wicker file boxes, a neutral armoire (once full of paperwork, clothes before that and a tv before that) now full of my yarn stash and Blythe projects in process.
Anyway, the closet is now home to the Blythes, with two higher shelves for books and an area where I can hang my jewelry and purses without interfering with the lovely Blythe Manor. It was meant to be! I have to say, I think I like the fourth floor the best, because I don't have to lie on my stomach like I did when I was five and played with my original dollhouse. Not that it doesn't bring back fond memories, but my kids, 17 and 24, seem traumatized when they see mom lying on the floor playing dolls.
The first floor includes the bedroom (how do 5 girls share one single bed? Note to self for shopping list), bathroom, pool house/patio, and a large bedroom sitting area with workout space. Yes, the girls have an exercise bike. More photos to come. By the way, the two photos above may look alike, but they are actually like a People magazine find-the-differences game. Late last night I added a few finishing touches-can you find the extras?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's been so busy around here lately that I haven't had time to do proper thank-yous or proper introductions, so without further ado, big thanks go to Carrie, Memeeps on Flickr for the wonderful goodies from the Blythe in America swap, co hosted by LucysPostcardQuilts and myself.
Carrie was a thorough swapper and perused my pics and blogs to suss out that I had three Blythes, and she sewed them all darling matching pink and white dresses (shown above). She was aghast, although she needn't be, when she saw my latest Flickr pics and realized I had quickly acquired two more, a Mondrian and a V-Smash. She even apologized for not sending them Valentine gifts also, which is crazy. She had already gone above and beyond the call of Blythe swapping duty! We love all our gifts, and the girls can certainly learn to share!
So, although Mondie/Tuesday has been pictured here before, today is the official posting of the first pics of Jolene, a fiery redheaded V-Smash. I love her combo of red-orange hair and red-orange eyes, although of course like other Blythes, she has options! I am too chicken to do an eye chip change or they'd all have options. Only Violet, who came with custom violet chips, has anything non-stock about the eyes.
The girls are also posing above with some of the crocheted hats I've made with the pattern from Zoe Aarden's new book, Grrlie Designs, 22 Unique Crochet Patterns for Blythe, which I edited, and which is available on ebay, etsy and Blurb, or link below in my 1/31/08 post. You just gotta get it!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Faves This Day

Click on the headline to be directed to Flickr and links to these awesome photos and artists. Yes, there is a little more to life than just Blythe, but everything is better WITH Blythe!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

MON-day on a Saturday or Mondie, Mondie

Maybe if I stopped with all the puns I could think of an actual name for this Blythe, a Mondrian, first version, BL with Licca body (bendy like Gumby instead of click-y like Skipper). This is my first experience with a bendy-bodied, boggled-eye BL girl, and I have to say the looks she makes with her eyes are just too precious. Even the DH seems to like her.
I figure she has been in her box 7-8 years, having come out in 2000-2001. Her first owner, a Barbie collector, purchased her right away, but never unsnipped her from her box or took much interest in Blythes- gasp!
So, she is quite welcome here, although she kept giving the two life-size cats funny looks. She also didn't like it when I wanted to use my computer. I think she thought I was going to post her for adoption or something. I tried to make her comfortable by curling her hair and getting her into some pj's, fuzzy sox and a robe. Looks cozy to me!
I'm leaning towards "Buffy," although not sure. I believe the V-Smash coming early next week, the redhead I've wanted, will be Angelica. My daughter Adrienne, now 24, was such an Angelica (as in Rugrats) when she was about seven. Our little Blythe family needs to be complete, because my budget is quite completed! We're waiting on some mary janes and Barbie stuff from ebay, and then our fun is over for awhile! Time to get that etsy shop going!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Blythe in America's Valentine Swap: Goodies from my partner, LucysPostcardQuilts

Maggy poses with some of our swap goodies from Lucy: crocheted tops from etsy, earrings with tiny felted wool balls for me and the girls, candy, a bracelet and more!

Oops! I Did It Again!

Umm, yeah, so another Friday night spent browsing the This is Blythe forum has gotten me into trouble yet again. Now before anyone stages an intervention, let me just say that both of these adoptions were planned! Yes, Mondie and V-Smash are both wanted! This was no accident- although I did not expect to find V-Smash so reasonable on TIB- although she will come naked-eeks! Must find her stock clothes. I also did not expect to find a version one Mondrian about 30 miles up the road from me, down Indiana country roads. She gets picked up tomorrow, thanks to a foot of snow today. Time to visit the big book of Blythe names again!