Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Back-to-School Time Around Here, and We Are So Glad!

Bunny Velvet (ADG RR) and Maggy (ADG PP) are headed off to another year at Blythe U. It's always fun to pick back-to-school clothes, and since they've been insisting on designer duds, I suggested we doing a little Wally World Barbie shopping to be kind to the budget.
Both girls always roll their eyes at Barbie fashions, as if it's like Faded Glory or Route 66 or something! Barbie is as classic at Talbot's and a lot more hip!
On Bunny (left), who will be starting her MFA in creative writing, Barbie layered T, scarf and jeans skirt, lacy turquoise tights, Barbie purse and Gap backpack, Crochet hat from Etsy, "Uggs" from TIB shop.
Maggy, headed to law school (finally) is wearing a Barbie dress and Wellies, unknown fur vest, laptop bag accessorized by moi courtesy of Wal-Mart trims, and a hat she swiped from Lilly (Star D stock).
Maybe this will be the year they get serious.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Meet Miss Bunny Velvet

Glamour-puss? She's all that. And now she has a name: Bunny Velvet. No explanation can be found, other than the great comment by Sarah that she looks like Elizabeth Taylor in the movie National Velvet.

I tend to agree, and if the fictional character Charlotte in Sex and the City can name her dog Elizabeth Taylor, then I can name my fictional character Bunny Velvet. Done. Stay tuned. The other girls are hopping mad, especially Lilly.

Thanks again to "Aunt Maggie" for the great customization. See you in Balto or Hotlanta!

Friday, August 7, 2009

And now, my fab yellow eyes

Yellow, brown, boggled sparkly blue and one more set of eye be shown later. And another excellent excuse for changing clothes yet again.

The September Issue

Let's focus on our brown eyes today. Work it, lady. We'd call you by your name, but you don't have one yet. Sarah says Velvet, so I say maybe Sarah Velvet. We shall see.
Lester helps her get ready for her close-up. And did we mention the makeup artistry by Maggie? Check those eyelids, and the post below for the 411.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

In need of name and a hairdo!

This little beauty returned today from a stay at Aunt Maggie's spa. She's just gorgeous! Anyone wanting to chat with Ms. Maggie about her work, should look her up on Flickr as momoko_girl_1. She does outstanding work!
Here's what she did to my Ashton Drake Roaring Red:
Boggled*Gaze corrected*Sand matted*Lip carving*Nostril carving*Philtrum Carving*Painted lips*Eyeshadow (hard to tell from this pic)*Blush*New chips (4 pairs)*Painted lids*Details on eyelids*New eyelashes ("Romance")*New pullrings (sleep eyes)*Spray matte*Fingernail polish*Toenail polish*Put her all back together*Condition and trim hair.
The hair was an ADG mess which I asked Maggie just to cut until I can decide what to do with it. Check out her own Georgia Peach on Flickr for a cute hairdo Maggie did with a wig!
I'll post more pics soon of this girl's other eye chips and lids as soon as she has at least a proper name and maybe a proper hair-taming!