Thursday, January 28, 2010

The girlz welcome Alice Snow

From the top, girls! Daisy, Bunny, Zena and Lilly put on their new bestest outfits (we had a little spree on Plastic Paradise and TIB) to welcome Alice Snow (bottom). Isn't she sweet? She has lovely clear eyes in shades of grey, green and blue as well as dark and vibrant purple. I love her little poof of white mohair. She was adopted from supervelma on TIB/a.k.a. rollerderbysinner on Flickr. Love that name!

Daisy and Zena are modeling new acquisitions from Gina Garan's TIB shop, while Bunny and Lilly have "used" duds (sssshhhh! don't tell them) from PP. Used, but divine nonetheless. And it's not like the previous owners wore them to work or anything, nor out in the muddy bog. So, it's all good! Repurposing and resaling at its tiny best.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

More more mohair!

I have been searching high and low for a new Blythe that moved me, preferably with mohair. And, poof! She appeared on TIB by supervelma (these are her pics), who also has the coolest Lady Gaga Blythe for sale. But forget the Lady, I went gaga for this white mohair, who is as yet unnamed and only en route, but I am already envisioning fashions and photo shoots for her! Oh, the %$*&# Blythe Bug bites again! Won't this one make a great Alice in Wonderland or Snow White?

And speaking of Wonderland, I have been so taken with the OOAK creations by myownlittleworld2 on Flickr and Etsy! I finally bought one of her dresses. Should have gotten the matching hat, but just didn't think I should. Have done enough Blythe *damage* lately. And being back with "the bug," I am kicking mysef for ever selling my Mondie, French Trench, V-Smash and Gentle River, and even my ADG PP. At least I know they all went to very good homes.

I had been able to by my Mondrian on Ebay a few years ago for $400 and sold her for same a short time later because I didn't like her floppy Licca body and her stringy hair, even though I loved her boggled eyes. I just saw a first version today on Ebay for $2,000. Sheesh.

Gotta go crochet a hat. Found a great pattern site (knit, crochet and sewing) Creative Blythe, which led me to her Flickr, which led me to discover Plastic Paradise. All my Blythe friends are there. I must have been living under a rock not to know about this! Have a Blytheful day.

Monday, January 18, 2010

More fashion fun with vintage and knits

I'm having so much fun creating fashion combos for "the girls." I think they are so much more pleasurable to dress when they have great hair. Daisy (top photo) came that way, thanks to ruirui on Flickr or Neroli on ebay, a Blythe customizer who has been featured in Dolly Dolly magazine for her entry in the Blythe photo contest. In the top photo Daisy wears a vintage Skipper sailor suit, with capris, T-shirt, jacket (and hat that's a wee too small). And, in the bottom photo Daisy wears a vintage 1980s Barbie dress with hot pink tights and white boots.

Then Daisy and also blue mohair Zena decided to see "who wore it best" to quote People magazine's celebrity challenge, as they each tried on Megipupu's knit hat and sweater from her Etsy shop via Finland. Megipupu (Megan Talarmo) is another Blythe artist who has appeared in Dolly Dolly magazine. Check out her gorgeous knits on her Flickr photostream. Both Megipupu and RuiRui were featured on p. 64 of Dolly Dolly #21 recently.

In the bottom photo with Daisy are my first and second Blythes respectively, Lilly, a Star Dancer and Maggy, an ADG Priceless Parfait. Lilly wears a Sugarmag dress and jacket and Maggy wears a complete mish-mash of Sugarmag, stock from Lounging Lovely, Barbie and items of unknown origin. I cut Maggy's hair in an asymmetrical bob when I first got her. Both Maggy and Lilly have silky hair, so I was totally unprepared for Bunny's coarse, out-of-control hair.

Bunny Velvet, next-to-last-photo, is looking fab, thanks in large part to her new bob wig from Shopholican, who sells on both Etsy and This is Blythe. Bunny wears a vintage Francie dress (another fave one from my childhood), a Sugarmag top as a vest, repro Barbie stockings from Smasheroo, black Mary Janes, a new scarf and an 80s teen Skipper yellow train case. I'm thinking about making her wig a permanent attachment. Can you say Super Glue? I don't know if I can or not. We shall see.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hair today, chopped yesterday

The saying "hair today, gone tomorrow" might still apply to Miss Bunny Velvet (bottom). I can't seem to stop cutting her hair. When she arrived as an ADG Roaring Red, she literally had piles of hair (here). But when I "unpiled" it, it became all crazy and fuzzy and just kept getting bigger and out of control. Sometimes I think I should have left well enough alone. Then Miss Maggie cut it into a bob, but still it remained crazy. I've cut it twice, thinking to attach a wig permanently, like Maggie did with Georgia Peach. But, the wigs came, and they were too overpowering. Then I tried hats to no avail.

But now I'm starting to think she doesn't look half bad as a gamine, pixie-fresh version of Audrey Hepburn in her adorable stage. What do you think?

There will be NO messing with Daisy's hair (top). Her red finger curls are gorgeous and silky smooth, thanks to ruirui, her customizer from Tokyo. Daisy is so gorgeous I thought she deserved a pet, so now she has Daisy Duke, or Duchess, from the Liv doll series. Daisy wears vintage Blythe clothing from Bohemian Beats Again.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Is it possible to overdose on vintage Skipper?

Or vintage Francie? Or vintage Barbie? Or non-vintage Daisy, my new custom from ruirui on Flickr/neroli on Ebay?

The answer to all those questions is a resounding NO. IMHO anyway. I'm having a great time searching out pieces and parts that I used to have in the 1960s. Yes, I will admit to being alive then. Such an impressionable bambina I was, but that's another story.

From top, Daisy wear the Francie "Clam Diggers" rain coat with a Teen Skipper Fashion Avenue dress, which you can see in full in the bottom photo, and Barbie repro yellow lace stockings. The groovy boots are by blythewithyouandme on Etsy. In the next photo, the repro fab coat is called "Smasheroo" for Barbie, and the boots are new Barbie.

Zena was just perfect to model the vintage Skipper "Fun Time" set. I've been coveting this for years, ever since I saw it in Gina Garan's Blythe book. I had that set as a young Barbie-crazed girl. The complete set, with croquet equipment and scooter, can sell for hundreds. I just wanted the embroidered top, but got the slacks, shirt and jacket in the set at a very good price on Ebay. if you search hard enough and long enough (125 pages of 50 views each late one night) you can find deals. Or you can always get a life instead. :) I plan to, but not just yet.

Knit vs. Crochet

Daisy in a sweater by nanistore on Etsy and Zena in an earflap hat by me. Mine is a Barbie pattern from the current issue of Crochet Today magazine. I simply enlarged it. Nanistore or Nanipatch makes darling felt mascots and knitted dolls items and toys.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Daisy leads the fashion parade

I love this girl! Daisy models some vintage Skipper. I knew "Crazy Daisy" would be perfect with her hair, before I even got it. Nabbed it on Ebay, along with a few other vintage goodies. She wears it in the top photo with Francie's stockings and some white moon boots of unknown origin.

Bunny Velvet's yellow eyes are perfect with Skipper's vintage "Tea Time" and black flats. Poor Bunny, her hair on order was lost in the mail. She's waiting for a new and improved do. Next up is Daisy in vintage Francie "Hill Riders" pants, found for $4 on Etsy, a Chanel T-shirt by rlkataja on Etsy and a green mohair sweater by DollyDressUp on Etsy. Elf hat by Glamourfae (I think) and faux Chucks.

Zena is perfect in a sweet dress by Dolly Molly on Etsy and a red fuzzy cardigan by DollyDressUp. And there's Daisy again, in a mod halter maxi by I Love George, a new Flickr friend.

I guess we see 'da girlz' have a better wardrobe than their owner. They even have better hair and skin. Oh, if I could just get sanded and spray-matted for good.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

That's Megipupu to you, and me, too

Can't wait for these little gems to arrive from Finland! Heaven knows I spent enough time trying to get them! When I first learned about megipupu on Etsy from Maggie, I signed in on Nov. 22, just hours short of being able to buy anything from her line. Her November upload sold out in minutes, and I have been watching ever since for more, checking almost daily, if not multiple times a day. Yeah, I know.

Admirers watched as she uploaded dresses, hats, sweaters and more to her Flickr site the last few weeks, anticipating a re-load to her Etsy store. Finally, on Dec. 30, she posted that an upload would occur on Jan. 1. And so the next dilemma- Jan. 1 when? Finland time? Stroke of midnight anywhere? Five o'clock somewhere?

Turns out it was mid-afternoon eastern time, and about an hour after I had looked for the umpteenth time. When I did look, a gazillion things had already been uploaded and sold, but I knew from the volume of her Flickr more was to come. Sure enough, as I kept refreshing the page new items kept being added. Finally, an antenna hat popped up, and I popped it into my cart and checked out as fast as I could. There's no waiting to fill your cart with this girl; in fact, a sweater I had in my cart was grabbed out by someone else as fast as I put it in. And although there were sweater and hat sets last month, this time it was piece by piece. How on earth, and I do mean the entire earth, to get a matching set?

Imagine having your dolly items be so well-made and so popular that people all around the world are sitting by their computers poised to click the second, nano-second maybe, that you upload something. And imagine her nearly 2,000 sales on Etsy at an average of even $10 an item. Yikes! That is some good knittin'! Anyway, I can't wait to see what I bought (above) in person.