Friday, January 8, 2010

Is it possible to overdose on vintage Skipper?

Or vintage Francie? Or vintage Barbie? Or non-vintage Daisy, my new custom from ruirui on Flickr/neroli on Ebay?

The answer to all those questions is a resounding NO. IMHO anyway. I'm having a great time searching out pieces and parts that I used to have in the 1960s. Yes, I will admit to being alive then. Such an impressionable bambina I was, but that's another story.

From top, Daisy wear the Francie "Clam Diggers" rain coat with a Teen Skipper Fashion Avenue dress, which you can see in full in the bottom photo, and Barbie repro yellow lace stockings. The groovy boots are by blythewithyouandme on Etsy. In the next photo, the repro fab coat is called "Smasheroo" for Barbie, and the boots are new Barbie.

Zena was just perfect to model the vintage Skipper "Fun Time" set. I've been coveting this for years, ever since I saw it in Gina Garan's Blythe book. I had that set as a young Barbie-crazed girl. The complete set, with croquet equipment and scooter, can sell for hundreds. I just wanted the embroidered top, but got the slacks, shirt and jacket in the set at a very good price on Ebay. if you search hard enough and long enough (125 pages of 50 views each late one night) you can find deals. Or you can always get a life instead. :) I plan to, but not just yet.

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