Monday, January 18, 2010

More fashion fun with vintage and knits

I'm having so much fun creating fashion combos for "the girls." I think they are so much more pleasurable to dress when they have great hair. Daisy (top photo) came that way, thanks to ruirui on Flickr or Neroli on ebay, a Blythe customizer who has been featured in Dolly Dolly magazine for her entry in the Blythe photo contest. In the top photo Daisy wears a vintage Skipper sailor suit, with capris, T-shirt, jacket (and hat that's a wee too small). And, in the bottom photo Daisy wears a vintage 1980s Barbie dress with hot pink tights and white boots.

Then Daisy and also blue mohair Zena decided to see "who wore it best" to quote People magazine's celebrity challenge, as they each tried on Megipupu's knit hat and sweater from her Etsy shop via Finland. Megipupu (Megan Talarmo) is another Blythe artist who has appeared in Dolly Dolly magazine. Check out her gorgeous knits on her Flickr photostream. Both Megipupu and RuiRui were featured on p. 64 of Dolly Dolly #21 recently.

In the bottom photo with Daisy are my first and second Blythes respectively, Lilly, a Star Dancer and Maggy, an ADG Priceless Parfait. Lilly wears a Sugarmag dress and jacket and Maggy wears a complete mish-mash of Sugarmag, stock from Lounging Lovely, Barbie and items of unknown origin. I cut Maggy's hair in an asymmetrical bob when I first got her. Both Maggy and Lilly have silky hair, so I was totally unprepared for Bunny's coarse, out-of-control hair.

Bunny Velvet, next-to-last-photo, is looking fab, thanks in large part to her new bob wig from Shopholican, who sells on both Etsy and This is Blythe. Bunny wears a vintage Francie dress (another fave one from my childhood), a Sugarmag top as a vest, repro Barbie stockings from Smasheroo, black Mary Janes, a new scarf and an 80s teen Skipper yellow train case. I'm thinking about making her wig a permanent attachment. Can you say Super Glue? I don't know if I can or not. We shall see.


Bryanna Lenan said...

Oh that Bunny Velvet... she is so cute... love the wig!! xo Bryanna

PrincipessaShelley said...

Yes, Bunny Velvet's bob is fab! Love her outfit also. What a beauty!

Abigail said...

So cute!!!!!!! I love all your pics, and blythe outfits! I wish that I could create such wonderful outfits:)