Saturday, December 29, 2007

Lilly's Day Out

Lilly was just kind of awful today when I took her to the aquarium and botanical gardens. I think it was her new outfit by Juicy Couture from a TIB friend that made her feel all sassy. All she could do was show off. "Lilly stay out of the flowers," I said. "Lilly, get out of the tree." "Lilly leave the animals alone."
But, she insisted on turning cartwheels and back bends and anything else she could do to be naughty and distracting. About the only thing she paid attention to was the goldfish exhibit, even though there was only one fish in the tank.
She kept striking poses at every flower and every leaf. I indulged her a little since heaven knows my photography skills need all the practice they can get. I have yet to get one really cool shot that made me happy.
We had to hurry home because her skirt kept falling down; thank goodness I made her wear tights since it was chilly! She managed to lose her earrings twice while goofing off, and a cat nearly ate her shoe. More on that later. We stopped to see a Santa who was still listening to wishes (maybe for next year?), although Lilly wouldn't say a word. And I'm sure it's not because she feels satisfied. The girl is too spoiled! In fact she tore the new Juicy outfit out of the envelope before Maggy and Violet even knew what happened. Ever since she saw this Tippi girl on Flickr she's been obsessed with posing, changing her clothes, posing some more. But, I have to say, that Tippi sure looks sweet, and I bet she's well mannered too, huh Lilly?
Well at least we had a day out. Now mom's got to work on deadline for some articles for Blythe Bliss, the absolute fashion and pop culture manual for all well-read Blythes. I'm also working on an interview with the artist Jade Adams for The Faerie Zine. Maybe if Lilly would get serious and apply herself, she could be a writer or an artist instead of a boy magnet.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Crochet for Me; Bath Time for Violet

The lovely Zoe Aarden, grrrlie4 on Flickr and crocheter extraordinaire, inspired me to get out my hook and yarns the day after Christmas. She and I are doing a yarn/Blythe/misc. swap, and I can hardly wait to see what arrives! I got busy making hats about 10:30 a.m. and finally quit about 2 a.m. The end result was nine different hats with time out for eating and napping and other stuff. My last one, when my eyes were bleary, actually is one of my favorites. It is the nubby burgundy one here, modeled by Maggy (ADG#3). There will be plenty of hats to go around, and others to mail to nice people (hint:hmmm?) I also made an American Eagle-like hat as my DH called it and seen on my other blog which was promptly mailed to the new Isaac Zygmunt Kil of Freeport, MI. I hope Ike doesn't mind that Lester posed in the hat for photo purposes. Do you suppose a baby's head is much bigger than a Blythe's?
Meanwhile, the lovely Violet (French Trench) of the violet eyes arrived from Seattle on Christmas eve and was smuggled in without the kids and DH noticing. They just get all freaky about Blythe stuff. I have to ease them into it. As I said earlier, I thought I would be a two-Blythe family, but she was a late night deal with pleading eyes. Generous seller SeattleBlythe on TIB sent three outfits, a wig, hightops and more.
Violet took a nice long bubble bath to unwind from her trip and get settled in. She was the first to try out the new Blythe bathroom, with Fashion Fever fixtures arriving 12/26 from DirtyBootsSamantha on TIB and Flickr. I had fun organizing all of the tiny Re-ment cosmetics. I have to use Glue Dots to dissuade my cats from eating them. So far we are missing one rubber duck.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Spa Day for Maggy

Maggy got to go with me yesterday to my favorite haunt, Expressions Salon and Day Spa. The Hair Girls as I call them (the real 'hair girls,' not the Blythes) were clamoring to see her in her blue wig, one of three I got from Cindy at Alica, my very own hair girl for the past 8-9 years, was truly not too thrilled to have to pose with "a doll in a wig?" as she put it, with the questioning inflection. But Alica will do almost anything for me, and I for her, and I love her like a daughter (born when I was 6, of course).

But the other Hair Girls were all over Maggy, especially Audrey, who snatched Karrie's mini Hallmark blow dryer, to get into the act. Intern Kate, who found Expressions through a Career Day Open House letter I wrote to her cosmetology school, got into the act. After painting my fingers and toes she whipped out the skinniest brush ever for Maggy's fingers. I put that off for another day until I can research polish removal on Blythe nails.

While digging through the nail stuff, Kate found some sparkly decals and wanted to pierce Maggy's nose and chin to match her own. We went with one sparkly decal, which promptly fell off (and I was okay with that, but trying to humor Kate), and sparkly eye designs, which I do love, and so does Maggy.

When we were all done, Kate made me write down Blythe websites for her. She said she was going to buy one to customize and re-sell. I told her I had seen custom Blythe's going for $800 and more on ebay. Crazy but true. And some of the Customs are well worth it.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Eyes Have It

This is what happens when one browses the The Is Blythe forum late into the night. If you try hard enough you will find a good dolly deal, especially at this time of year. People are wanting to buy, sell and trade to satisfy their Blythe habits with just the right dolls and accessories to feed their particular cravings.
As for me, I did not really plan to ever have more than two. It seemed nice. A pair. Sisters. Contrast. But then, this lovely violet-eyed, slightly customized French Trench appeared from SeattleBlythe at a sale price plus free shipping. I hemmed and hawed. I had been studying others. I had a Lounging Lovely on hold and denied my need. I thought a new Mod Molly would be cheap. I was looking at a V-Smash and I almost bought a Superior Skate Date. I told everyone 'No,' good deals or not. But, then late on a weekend night, there she was.
I love the eyes. I may name her Violet, but I am considering other names and taking suggestions. She should be here any day. Heaven knows she will already have plenty to wear! And the Blythe bathroom is in the works now, with a new Fashion Fever tub and a sink and toidy from Dirty Boots Samantha on the same dangerous TIB! I also have coming an FF desk set and an FF funky chair, so the house should be complete. My daughter suggested my DH build stairs, which is just so funny, as he doesn't even have tools! Of course, I could always put in a swimming pool....I wonder if there is medicine for this....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Working It for the Holidays: Lilly's Victoria's Secret Audition

Doesn't she just look like a yummy cupcake? Ms. Lilly was workin' it on the catwalk (actually the kitchen counter), showing off her luscious Fashion Fever outfit, Blythe Dressing Room tights, angel wings ornament from Michael's, her pretty blond hair, and sparkly cottage from Priscilla at Lilly needs to work on her sign, but it does wish everyone Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rock Stars or Girls Gone Bad? Or Just to the Mall? Or Are They Wigging Out?

I just knew the guitar would be the start of something bad! First Maggy joins a garage band that covers The Bangles, Heart and Pat Benatar, then she gets a trendy short cut. Next thing I know they've gone to the mall with their friends, and now they're all tarted up!
Both of them ordered wigs from I have to admit they look pretty fabulous! And Maggy's short cut sure helped her get her big head in her wig! But blue? Girls! Little do they know I also have a long curly white Alice wig with bangs waiting in the wings. No wings on the wigs, thank goodness. Wings are only for Farrah Fawcett.
Anyway, Maggy then picks a short velvet Fashion Fever set with stilettos to go with her Blythe Dressing Room burgundy sheer tights. Meanwhile, Lilly is still chillaxin' and making faces at Maggy's guitar playing. Lilly put on her afro curly wig, added a barette but didn't feel like changing her clothes. In fact, she plopped down with popcorn after they'd just ordered in pizza (and left it lying on the coffee table, of course).
The girls are so excited because we have some bathroom remodeling coming from a Flickr Blythe Blythe Blythe and This is Blythe forum sale here That may have to complete the dollhouse, or the DH may have a stroke.
To support our habit, we decided to ebay a few things that don't fit. They are a deal here:
We're also giving a couple Barbies and supplies to Aunt Judi for playtime with Chloe and Logan. (Logan calls himself Chlogan and wants to play dolls, too. He's 4. Both Chloe and Logan are getting Cabbage Patch for Christmas. Shhh! Oh wait, they can't read. Well, actually Chloe can, but she can't blog (I don't think). We'll have to post about the CPK names later. Don't tell Aunt Doodi her Barbie end table is really the pizza-box-lid-holder-up-thingy. I learned that one from my daughter Adrienne, now 24.
So it was a good dolly day, and we're happy to be tucked inside waiting for the Midwestern blizzard after a yummy lunch at Panera (Thanks, Michelle) and some light Christmas shopping.

I've Been Playing with Flickr Again

Just another harmless addiction. No worries. Move along.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Our Friends, Molli and Zelda

Here's a lovely picture of lindajed's Blythe girls, Molli (the brunette, a Prima Dolly Ebony) and Zelda (Star Dancer like Lilly), showing some of the Fashion Fever and Re-ment goodies my girls sent to them for our swap. I think we might have gotten it just about right, because this is exactly how we pictured her girls would divide up the stuff. We're secretly wondering if sometimes Molli sneaks in gets all gussied up and girly when she thinks no one's watching! You can read more about them and enjoy their mom's wit here

Christmas presents, a new haircut and a closet!

The girls were so excited to receive these swap goodies from Lindajed and Molli and Zelda at, our friends from Flickr. The Georgia girls and their mom were so kind to send coordinating fashions and little goodies, like coffee and scones from 'Panera'. Thanks so much to Linda and congrats on finishing your exams. Happy holiday time off to all of us!
Lilly immediately had to call all her friends on the new phone she received. She's also wearing her new leggings. Meanwhile, Maggy got all dressed up in the adorable sweater and skirt set, adding tights and shoes from Blythe dressing room. After zapping her latte and chocolate chip scone in the microwave, she promptly went out and got a haircut! She asked for the Posh Spice/Katie Holmes combo. I hope she likes it, because it's not going to grow back very fast. But, her long hair was unmanageable hanging below her knees, and it was either get it cut or get a Lounging Lovely! You know it's a bad hair day, when only a $150 sister can make it right. However, Maggy looks quite pleased and put her feet up when she got home from shopping and the salon.
The girls now have some storage in the form of a Re-ment closet and cabinet to better organize their stuff and to keep their shoes away from the cats! Wonder what's left for Santa to bring them?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Open House!

Sorry, no Blythe houses (that I know of) but hop on over to on December 12 for a linking of links to visit decorated holiday homes all over the country, and maybe even the world. I am featuring this on my other blog today at, and you can link from here or there to hers or mine, giving you lots of options to come and go as you please to look at all the great photos. And you don't even have to put on those silly shoe covers.

Monday, December 10, 2007

A New Bedroom, A New Cat, A New Hat

Really. You just can't have an apartment without a bedroom. Although during those first few Spaghetti-o nights, you might sleep on the floor a bit. But, Lilly and Maggy have been saved from that rude awakening, by adding a third story to their apartment for their canopy bed. It's a tight fit for two, but they're so busy they rarely sleep.
And now with the precious Mrs. Plumperbottom the cat, the girls are up practically all night getting it off the couch and out of assorted jams. Lilly had a brief moment to try on her newly-crocheted hat by moi, thanks to a pattern from girrrlie4 Zoe, a genius of arts and letters and crochet!
We're all looking forward to our swap with Lindajed and her girls, Molli and Zelda, and we mailed off our treasures today. And thanks to Chel of ZNE fame for featuring us on her dolly blog You know you've made it when you're saluted by the Queen of ZNE. And Flickr and This is Blythe friends are the best!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Lilly & Maggy get their own London Flat

Hooray, the girls finally found a decent apartment (in my office closet). It is an open concept and as the closet has never had doors anyway and has been open for office storage, this allows me to enjoy looking at them.
Target had an incredible Barbie dollhouse furniture fashion set for $20. I thought the large cardboard house would be their new home, but after all the furniture was cut loose, which took about an hour, it looked horrible. Thankfully, the closet presented itself.
The first floor is the kitchen, complete with fridge, stove, sink, microwave, mini flat screen tv, butcher block top cart and table and chairs. The crazy miniature artists at Re-Ment and Puchi have created such tiny items I would never want little kids to get ahold of them! There are coffee stirrers and makeup brushes barely bigger than a hair! Thanks to Miss Vicky of Cut-It-Up for swapping. She's having a fabulous Re-Ment event in store tomorrow in Cali.
Upstairs there is a combination living room and office. They have both a desktop computer and a laptop, because of course they both need computers. They also have a larger flat screen TV with remote as well as a cordless phone, in addition to their cell, a guitar and more. They also have two cats and a Yorkie. The Barbie house came with two more dogs and a cat, but that's just too many for a small apartment. Besides, they just their own little annoying Tickle Me Elmo.
We'll be working on figuring out a bedroom. They have sleeping bags, but I'm waiting on some furniture from Hong Kong as well as a closet, and then the interior decorating can start again.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Getting Ready for All Those Holiday Parties

Lilly decided to start trying on her holiday fashions, these were all most all B's Fashion Fever (sounds like Beyonce' and not you-know-who). Love the Judith Lieber-like crystal clutch and the bracelets. The camisole and shrug aren't bad either! More to come.