Monday, December 10, 2007

A New Bedroom, A New Cat, A New Hat

Really. You just can't have an apartment without a bedroom. Although during those first few Spaghetti-o nights, you might sleep on the floor a bit. But, Lilly and Maggy have been saved from that rude awakening, by adding a third story to their apartment for their canopy bed. It's a tight fit for two, but they're so busy they rarely sleep.
And now with the precious Mrs. Plumperbottom the cat, the girls are up practically all night getting it off the couch and out of assorted jams. Lilly had a brief moment to try on her newly-crocheted hat by moi, thanks to a pattern from girrrlie4 Zoe, a genius of arts and letters and crochet!
We're all looking forward to our swap with Lindajed and her girls, Molli and Zelda, and we mailed off our treasures today. And thanks to Chel of ZNE fame for featuring us on her dolly blog You know you've made it when you're saluted by the Queen of ZNE. And Flickr and This is Blythe friends are the best!


Anonymous said...

Gina, your doll apartment is awesome. I used to be really into 1" scale miniatures...I'm guessing Blythes are a little bigger than that?

Love the TV theme songs you have on here!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gina!

They look like they're definitely getting settled into their new place. It just gets cuter and cuter everyday!

Thanks so much for swapping with Molli, Zelda, and I. It was loads of fun and the girls love the items you chose for them.