Thursday, June 25, 2009

But I Just Got Here!

Little Miss No-Name (ADG RR) departs for Aunt Maggie's in Baltimore tomorrow for a little attitude adjustment. I can't seem to name her because I can't figure out 'who' she is. So, we'll see who she really is when Maggie gets done with her. I gave few instructions, so I am excited to be surprised when she returns from her hair, face and eye work. I'll keep you posted. You can see pictures of Maggie's work here.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A New Arrival To Shake Things Up

This lovely brunette arrived Saturday, and I actually left her to sit for a day until I could figure out something to do with her. I think that must be some kind of rare malady: The Blythe Blahs. When I got my first, a Takara Star Dancer from Tokyo (Lilly), I must have tracked her every day for a week via UPS and I am certain I ripped open the box within second. In fact, I remember being frustrated because it took so long to get her unhooked from the security ties inside the box.
But now, ho hum. So why even buy another, you ask? The lame reason would be that ADG Blythes are so cheap via Collectibles Today from Illinois, the authorized Ashton Drake seller ($30 x 3), versus the more expensive Takaras. The other answer would be that either this one or my other ADG, Maggy, are going to take a little trip to Baltimore to Aunt Maggie (momoko_girl1 on Flickr) for a little renovation. I just love what Maggie has done with her Georgia Peach, and I love her other pictures on Flickr, so I asked her if she would play around with one of mine. I told her all I want are some freckles and boggled, new eye chips and anything else she wants to do is fine with me and will be a surprise!
So, I've got to decide who goes and who stays. I was going to keep this Roaring Red until I made the mistake of taking her up-do down. What a mess! She needs hair help for sure. But my Maggy with the custom bob still seems like the logical choice. Besides, RR doesn't have a name yet, and she can't possibly fly USPS without a proper name. What do you think?