Sunday, July 26, 2009

Little Miss Humpty Dumpty Gets Put Back Together

Aunt Maggie in Baltimore is a genius Blythe customizer! Or maybe it's Blythe-o-mizer. Whatever the word, I can hardly wait to get my hands back on this little beauty, formerly Miss ADG Roaring Red, and known for the last few weeks as Little Miss No Name, until she gets put completely back together and we can see what her personality really is. Yes, that sounds weird, but just play along. It looks like weird sciene, too.

Maggie has carved her lips, nose, mouth and changed all of her eye colors, lashes, lids and more. She looks just gorgeous in these pics from the progress, and I am sure she will look even more beautiful in person!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blythe Bliss magazine re-launches!

The girls were excited to get the newest issue of Blythe Bliss magazine hot of the press from Punxsatwawney, PA. Lilly tried to coax Mr Dog or Mr. Monkey into reading it with her, but neither of them wanted to come inside. Mr. Monkey was hanging upside down in the pineapple tree.
Meanwhile, Zena was channeling her inner Janis or Joss and fantasizing about being the next cover model.
Blythe Bliss publisher Amanda Hill explains that she is re-launching the magazine and hence has started with this being volume 1. The issues will feature more full-page color photos and less text. This issue is cram-packed with hot Blythe models. Ms. Hill must be one of the youngest magazine publishers under the world, cranking out her tiny issues at a tender age under 21.
Click the Blythe Bliss link above to check it out and get your issue.
Lilly, Zena and Maggy are excited for their new sister, Roaring Red, to come home from Aunt Maggie's in Baltimore. None of us know what to expect, so we've just been calling her RR or Little Miss No Name for now. We have to see her personality before we can come up with a name that fits.