Sunday, November 16, 2008

Arte du Blythe Seeking 'Charming' Blythe People for Charm Swap

My art & Blythe group on Yahoo! Arte du Blythe is currently having a charm swap, hosted by Miss Vicky of Cut-it-Up. Since our members are few and far between and seems so many are running hither and yon with holiday duties, we have decided to open this charm swap, due Jan. 31, 2009, to any art/Blythe/jewelry/charm fanatic. For more information, leave me a comment here, or feel free to join the group.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ms. Eiffel Looks Much Better With Ms. Goldie by Louos

My fun Blythe friend LOuOs from Singapore recently had the opportunity of a lifetime for a romantic getaway to the City of Light and captured these gorgeous photos which he gave me permission to share.
Don't you think the Eiffel Tower looks especially beautiful with LOuOs' Goldie in the foreground? Louos makes the most amazing Blythe fashions with couture and miniature designer details. Check out his 'Louos Loves' goodies on Etsy and check out more amazing photos on his Flickr. PS Louos: Larry loves you.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Love French Pants Fashions!

Auntie Lindz or Ellewoods 2007 on Flickr and Blythe in America- she of the internationally-famous Blythe Opera- sent us this darling dress/top from French Pants on Etsy. I was not familiar with her style, but her smocked and embroidered fashions are darling! We received this dress along with a darling scrunchy pink wig and other goodies for the Blythe in America group Back-to-School Summer Fun swap. With everything going on, Lilly didn't get to try the dress on right away, so we wanted to send another extra special thanks to Lindsay and show off the dress.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Amazing Sandi of Blythephotos Wins Fund-Raiser Fat Book for A Place to Bark

Here are just a few of the incredible room vignettes, Blythe dolls and fashions by the incomparable Sandi Kayat of Blythephotos on Flickr and I'm Real on Etsy. Sandi is well-known in the Blythe community for her love of Blythe and her unique style. She has many customized Blythes-in fact, an entire Alien family! She also has Wonder Frogs, Peteena, Living Dead dolls and many other popular collectibles.
Sandi enjoys the support of her family, and her husband often gets credit for the Blythe sets he has built for her, including some pictured here. She literally has dozens and dozens of room scenes.
Arte du Blythe thanks Sandi for buying the one-of-a-kind Blythe fat book called "Blythe and Friends," which was a group fund-raiser for A Place to Bark and Meow, fellow artist Bernie Berlin's no-kill animal rescue, rehab and shelter for cats and dogs.

I've certainly never been a minimalist, but I'm trying to streamline

File this under "cleaning out the crap" or even "admitting I will never learn to sew." In an effort to reduce some of the immense collection of misc I have acquired, I am slowly but surely moving some things to Etsy and Ebay and hoping to convert them into mad money so I can acquire new and different misc-you know how that goes! Although Flickr frowns on advertising for sale there, the photos in my Blythe Cleaning set represent things I am getting rid of, so just FM me or PM me on the TIB forum if you have questions!