Monday, May 30, 2011

My love of Blythe and vintage not only extends to my great-niece Abby, shown here with her Blythe Rosalie (formerly my Blythe Abby) and her vintage suitcase collection, but it also extends beyond Blythe for me to vintage toys, vintage Barbie, Hello Kitty and stuffed animals.
I finally had a chance to snap a picture in my office of my (clearly former) bed with my stuffed animals. I didn't "try" to collect them; they just showed up. Kinda like cats. In fact, some are my children's childhood playthings, and I couldn't "bear" to part with them--like American Girl doll Samantha and Paddington Bear. And I think the Tommy Lion and the Target dog belonged to one of them before I claimed them.
Taking pride of place is Hello Kitty, as a Japanese wedding couple, made for McDonald's in 1999, and sent to me by my friend Rui of Tokyo. Rui customized Daisy and Yumeko.
And of course there's my porcelain doll head and small bisque Charlotte and Kewpie collection on my wall in Columbia. This little gem above will take her spot there soon.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Look Who's Coming! It's Yumeko by Neroli

This was always a "girl of my dreams." I missed her on Ebay when offered for sale by customizer and friend Rui Kamata, known as Neroli. Rui made my Daisy. In fact, Daisy, whom I love, was the first custom I ever bought. And I bought her because I missed this one (above) by procrastinating over the decision to spend for a custom (which is kinda funny now).
This beautiful girl is named Yumeko, and she is winging her way to me (with this dress- squee!) via Scotland and obviouszebra, who bought her first. Yumeko will keep her name, I believe, as it was chosen by Rui. I need to find out what it means. She will be a welcome addition to the family, and just in time for Blythecon!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival Report

Last Saturday I went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival right here in Columbia, at the Howard County Fairgrounds. It is the largest festival of its kind on the east coast. I had good advice to get up and go early, because by 9:15 a.m., there was about a one-mile back-up to turn into the parking area.

As you can see, the festival is about much more than just sheep, including goats, llamas, alpacas and rabbits. I'm pretty sure I offended a human owner when I asked if I could take a picture of the "cute sheep." But I apologized- to the owner and the goat.

Cady had to be coerced into posing with a llama? alpaca? and a bunny rabbit. She was whiny about walking the entire festival. I told her not to wear boots.

The sheep/goat booth is also where I got the great hot pink mohair that will make a nice re-rooted scalp for Blythe. I'm big on pink hair. The little clay robots will make some great pullrings.
There was also pottery, jewelry, rugs, beeswax and clothing, as well as plenty of food vendors. I thought about a lamb sandwich, but couldn't do it. I settled for a corndog and a stomach ache.

By the time I trekked to my car three hours later, the parking area looked like that of a giant shopping center. But I guess it was, actually, and handmade is always fun. When I got home, I couldn't resist the urge to doodle some sheep.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Meet Cady! Charlotte's Still Horse-y. And an homage to the new Princess

Name decided upon. Cady. Check.

Urban Cowgirl Charlotte still horse-y, now in Western Skipper. Check.

Barbie's #972 Wedding Day from 1960 still in style. Check.

A beautiful princess made for a beautiful royal wedding. Extra Check.