Thursday, December 31, 2009

My New Year's wish

Oh wait. You mean I have to make a resolution, not a wish? Then I resolve to find as many of these vintage outfits as I can not only to recreate my childhood but to dress my Blythes fantastically! Happy New Year from Lilly, Maggy, Zena, Bunny and Daisy.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Francie! Skipper! Come back!

Wild Bunch. Fun Time. Daisy Crazy. Maybe it's just the names. Maybe it's nostalgia. Even deja vu'. I've been obsessing over the vintage Skipper and Francie fashions of my childhood. I prefer Skipper and Francie size, because of course that fits Blythe, and then I can enjoy looking at my vintage treasures.

After many (and I mean many many) hours on Ebay, I scored the great bargains pictured above. I know I looked at over 125 pages of 50 items each on-line into the wee hours last night. But it was FUN! I had so many of these outfits, dolls, cases, accessories, doll houses growing up, and then repeated Barbie in the early 1980s with my daughter.

It is just incredible that there are still outfit sets in the unopened, original packaging from 1964. And even the packaging was cool. Was there ever a better era than the Mod Era? It is also amazing what the price tags are for some of these vintage items in mint, complete condition. I saw Barbie outfits selling for more than $1,000 for a tiny little dress and shoes. And collectors are paying it. Obviously, those collectors have money to burn.

My goal was to find the items I wanted at affordable prices, and it can still be done, especially if you are not looking for complete sets in mint condition. I don't mind finding the outfit only, since I'm going to put them on Blythes, and I don't mind a little unnoticeable damage, especially if I can make a repair, or alter them in some way.

The blue set (next to last photo) is Skipper Fun Time, a croquet set. I had this as a child, and it was always one of my favorites. I just love the detailed, embroidered top. Can't wait to try it with my blue-haired Zena.

The clam diggers raincoat (bottom) will look great with some orange jelly boots I found on Etsy, as will the hairy Wild Bunch coat at top. I believe this coat is one of the older ones from the 1960s-1970s, although the entire outfit was reproduced with a Francie doll in 1996.

Also from Francie are the yellow shoes above (have no idea how they will fit Blythe), the red and navy striped vest and the yellow shirt dress with pink, white and yellow tweed skirt. That came with a pink knit vest- had all that as a kid, too.

The Daisy Crazy dress, also pink and yellow, was for Skipper, and came with a belt. But I think it will be just fine without. It and the yellow Skipper Tea Time dress will both look great with white go-go boots or chunky mary jane shoes, don't you think? Stay tuned for a great photo shoot!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Isn't she lovely? And I'll be needing a name!

The itch for a newbie and the itch for a custom intersected on Ebay last night. Oh my gosh- is she beautiful or what? The name Daisy keeps coming to mind, but I am still ruminating while she's in transit from Tokyo. I just love her skin! her hair! her eyes! her eyelashes! her dress! I guess it was love at first sight!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On the road again...

I merely mentioned to the Blythes that one of them might get to go to Indiana with me for the holidays, and there was a flurry of activity in the wardrobe box. All four of them were changing clothes so fast their heads were spinning. Lilly, a Star Dancer, (top and bottom), a girl after my own heart, changed clothes at least three times, from vintage Skipper Town Togs to a Chanel T by rlkataja on Etsy, with Barbie denim skirt and knee-high go-go boots and a white down ski jacket with fur-trimmed collar from the TIB shop.

Maggy, ADG Princess Parfait, chose green cords with fur-trimmed bell bottoms and borrowed Lilly's stock poncho and hat along with a Coach purse. Bunny Velvet (ADG Roaring Red) went for comfort in a TIB shop A-line corduroy dress and a Twinklies Hello Kitty helmet to keep her unruly hair in check. Where are those wigs I ordered?

Zena, my bue mohair custom, was looking demure in the other part of the Twinkies Hello Kitty set with the HK dress, and a red blouse of unknown origin- off the rack, I guess. Not sure who's going. There's only one Sew Pixie carrier to go around, and Lilly always packs too much and loses her earrings. Why did I even mention it? *sigh*

Monday, December 14, 2009

A friend for Blythe

This is Gladys, and although technically she has nothing to do with this Blythe blog, she's sort of in the same kitsch-y genre and she took many hours to construct this weekend since I am not a nimble or trained sew-er. So, I thought I'd post her here....back to Blythe soon. Have some cute outfits to show, and new hair coming for Miss Bunny Velvet-yay!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Goodies from First-Ever Blythecon

Although I could not attend Blythecon in Atlanta, much to my chagrin, because of a move and job change, I was there in spirit and wallet as I sent some $$ with "Auntie Maggie," so she could get the girls a souvenir. She chose for us this darling pinafore and bloomers set in pinks, purples and blues from KittyKatDance. It came with a tiny little cake, too!

And she got the last 2010 Blythe desk calendar from Gina Garan, who kindly signed it for me, Gina to Gina.

And, if that weren't fab enough, Maggie brought us a gift also, the tan felt dress modeled by Lilly, and a darling Dolly Molly magnet. Almost as good as being there.

The top photo is hard to explain. My Maggy has been decked out and standing outside Target since last Friday. Apparently she thought it was Black Friday already. She has her felt tote from Barb of Academy Beldam, her TIB Uggs, a hat by me and fashions by Barbie. She looks a little astonished that she's got to stay in line another week if she wants to be first in at 5 a.m. Not for me, no thank you! I like to avoid commerce that day.

Hello Dollies! Finally, Something to Blog About

Bunny and Zena (top and second from top) joined me today for a trip to the American Visionary Art Museum, Mr. Rain's Fun House , and the Sideshow gift shop, all inside the museum in Baltimore on Key Highway at Federal Hill for a day out and mini meet with Maggie (momoko_girl_1 on Flickr), the customizer of Bunny Velvet.

Maggie brought four beautiful girls, including Floss (looking ornery in pink), Twig (looking fresh from the prairie), Imma, looking just darling, and Georgia Peach, looking fabulous as always. She filled me in on every moment of Blythecon, from the swag bags to the shopping to meeting Gina Garan, and she brought me some goodies (saved for another post).

We had a great time. Went nuts in the Sideshow gift shop; even found some Blythe pins and mirrors. Had a fabulous lunch! Mr. Rain's is great. I had the butter lettuce apple and pear salad with chicken, and some pretzel bites with mustard for our "bread." Maggie had a seafood chef salad that looked divine. Dessert was flourless chocolate cake and carrot cake. We didn't want to leave. Check them out here!

Maggie's photography inspires me, too, but her girls' hair, fashions and makeup really get to me. Maggie's just got 'it' when it comes to doll collecting. I'm so glad to have a real-life Blythe friend here in Balto. And thanks to a resurgence of Blythe spirit, I stayed up until 3:30 a.m. staring at Blythe pics and fashions on Ebay, Etsy and TIB.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

And we're back: Slumber parties and high fashion with Vintage Barbie

Like a cuddly lemon--if lemons were cuddly--Miss Bunny Velvet models the vintage Twist and Turn Barbie outfit we snagged from Ebay after careful scrutiny. We were outbid by three cents with three seconds to go on one set and would have paid $30.03. Instead, we tried again with Ebay-like fortitude and found another one for $19.95. Perfect! Love the red and yellow. Pretty sure I had this outfit for my Barbie as a child. I was heavily into Barbie (and Skipper, Ken, Midge, Stacey, PJ, Francie, Casey, etc., etc.,) so it's hard to remember all the outfits. I had cases and cases of them and houses and....then I did it all over again with my daughter about 20 years ago.

Speaking of Barbie, the pajamas on Lilly, Maggy and Zena above are from a Barbie fashions multi-pack at Wal-Mart. Love the colors and the cute owl designs. There were enough pieces and some faux plastic Uggs (Maggy has on the 'real' Uggs from Gina Garan's This is Blythe shop).

The girls decided to have a slumber party because they don't think they are going to Blythecon, where they were going to have a slumber party with their IRL friends, Lindsay and Claudette and Angela and Annie and Arturo and Maggie and Rupa and their girls. Bummercon.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Channeling Alice

I'm on an Alice kick, as evidenced on my art blog, and with my new mail art group, Mad Tea Party. So I thought I'd post this older pic of my custom mohair Blythe, a gift from Chel of ZNE, in her full Alice Lolita regalia, posing in the former Blythe Manor 5th floor bedroom.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Blythe-Like Bliss in a Bottle

These 1970s Avon Small World bottles remind me of Blythe for some reason. Can't explain it. They just do. This is my own little collection. Trying to round up all eight. Prolly had them all when I was a pre-pubescent annoyance to my much-older brothers.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Back-to-School Time Around Here, and We Are So Glad!

Bunny Velvet (ADG RR) and Maggy (ADG PP) are headed off to another year at Blythe U. It's always fun to pick back-to-school clothes, and since they've been insisting on designer duds, I suggested we doing a little Wally World Barbie shopping to be kind to the budget.
Both girls always roll their eyes at Barbie fashions, as if it's like Faded Glory or Route 66 or something! Barbie is as classic at Talbot's and a lot more hip!
On Bunny (left), who will be starting her MFA in creative writing, Barbie layered T, scarf and jeans skirt, lacy turquoise tights, Barbie purse and Gap backpack, Crochet hat from Etsy, "Uggs" from TIB shop.
Maggy, headed to law school (finally) is wearing a Barbie dress and Wellies, unknown fur vest, laptop bag accessorized by moi courtesy of Wal-Mart trims, and a hat she swiped from Lilly (Star D stock).
Maybe this will be the year they get serious.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Meet Miss Bunny Velvet

Glamour-puss? She's all that. And now she has a name: Bunny Velvet. No explanation can be found, other than the great comment by Sarah that she looks like Elizabeth Taylor in the movie National Velvet.

I tend to agree, and if the fictional character Charlotte in Sex and the City can name her dog Elizabeth Taylor, then I can name my fictional character Bunny Velvet. Done. Stay tuned. The other girls are hopping mad, especially Lilly.

Thanks again to "Aunt Maggie" for the great customization. See you in Balto or Hotlanta!

Friday, August 7, 2009

And now, my fab yellow eyes

Yellow, brown, boggled sparkly blue and one more set of eye be shown later. And another excellent excuse for changing clothes yet again.

The September Issue

Let's focus on our brown eyes today. Work it, lady. We'd call you by your name, but you don't have one yet. Sarah says Velvet, so I say maybe Sarah Velvet. We shall see.
Lester helps her get ready for her close-up. And did we mention the makeup artistry by Maggie? Check those eyelids, and the post below for the 411.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

In need of name and a hairdo!

This little beauty returned today from a stay at Aunt Maggie's spa. She's just gorgeous! Anyone wanting to chat with Ms. Maggie about her work, should look her up on Flickr as momoko_girl_1. She does outstanding work!
Here's what she did to my Ashton Drake Roaring Red:
Boggled*Gaze corrected*Sand matted*Lip carving*Nostril carving*Philtrum Carving*Painted lips*Eyeshadow (hard to tell from this pic)*Blush*New chips (4 pairs)*Painted lids*Details on eyelids*New eyelashes ("Romance")*New pullrings (sleep eyes)*Spray matte*Fingernail polish*Toenail polish*Put her all back together*Condition and trim hair.
The hair was an ADG mess which I asked Maggie just to cut until I can decide what to do with it. Check out her own Georgia Peach on Flickr for a cute hairdo Maggie did with a wig!
I'll post more pics soon of this girl's other eye chips and lids as soon as she has at least a proper name and maybe a proper hair-taming!