Thursday, August 6, 2009

In need of name and a hairdo!

This little beauty returned today from a stay at Aunt Maggie's spa. She's just gorgeous! Anyone wanting to chat with Ms. Maggie about her work, should look her up on Flickr as momoko_girl_1. She does outstanding work!
Here's what she did to my Ashton Drake Roaring Red:
Boggled*Gaze corrected*Sand matted*Lip carving*Nostril carving*Philtrum Carving*Painted lips*Eyeshadow (hard to tell from this pic)*Blush*New chips (4 pairs)*Painted lids*Details on eyelids*New eyelashes ("Romance")*New pullrings (sleep eyes)*Spray matte*Fingernail polish*Toenail polish*Put her all back together*Condition and trim hair.
The hair was an ADG mess which I asked Maggie just to cut until I can decide what to do with it. Check out her own Georgia Peach on Flickr for a cute hairdo Maggie did with a wig!
I'll post more pics soon of this girl's other eye chips and lids as soon as she has at least a proper name and maybe a proper hair-taming!


Sarcy said...

I know you're going to change her hair, but she makes me think of Elizabeth Taylor in "National Velvet." Velvet would be a cute name!

Molli said...

She looks great!!! It really brings out her personality. :)

ann at greenoak said...

wow...ive;neverseen these...will start looking for them...they are so cute!!!!