Sunday, March 28, 2010

The long and short of it all

Meet Abby
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Welcome Abigail, or Abby for short, named after my very smart, very cute and very special great-niece Abby. My real Abby is a junior high actress, poet, writer and all around bright light and good kid.

This plastic Abby was customized by Justine in Malyasia/Australia area. She was originally a new Saffy, given wefted, crinkly hair down to her ankles (that's the long of it). She has blue, grey, green and purple eyes. The purple are almost magenta and may have to go when I get some new ones.

I loved her hair when I saw her on Flickr, and although I still do, I had forgotten how hard to handle hair that long can be. In fact when my ADG Maggy first arrived over two years ago with hair approaching her ankles, I gave her a long asymmetical bob early on. Sometimes I regret the cut, but not very often.

Maggy was cute early on, (see her Flickr set here), but with her long, long hair, I found I kept it mostly in curlers to avoid dealing with it. Abby's hair is already crimped, so no curlers for her and no elastic either. But, she might be getting a slight trim, at least up to her knees. I'll post more pics so you can see all the hair as well as the darling custom-made outfit by Pistachio Libby.

Meanwhile, check out all my Blythe furniture sales on Plastic Paradise. Gotta unload some stuff! The Blythe girlz have better clothes than I do; we can't have them having better furniture too! Can we?

Caveat emptor: before and (almost) after

So I got the crazy idea I wanted a Blythe with pink hair. Pink mohair, specifically. Not only should you be careful what you wish for, but one should read the fine print of everything and thoroughly check out a seller. I should know this, although I have never had a BDD, or bad dolly deal.

However, this "Blythe" arrived looking bad, and she got scarier by the minute. She looked nothing like her cute Flickr pic and did not arrive with the milky chips that caught my eye. What she did arrive with, for starters, was stock orange chips painted over with a marker, which started to wipe off, and a horrific mismatched pink pair, as well as a long neck and wobbly head, no screws...I could go on. I knew she was a CCE doll (Color Changing Eyes doll, Blythe knock-off like Blybe or Basaak), and I knew I wasn't getting the Pure Neemo flexion body, but still! However, as you can see, Joey/Pheisty came to the rescue (this is her picture), and she's done amazing things already.

I am eager to see the end result. Thank goodness for (new) Blythe friends! So, the freaky doll I waited a month for originally, who was going to be named Pookie, and who we've been calling Pinky, will now be known quite honorably as Joey. A big improvement all the way around.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Fever? Or, Fashion Fever?

I didn't get a chance to give credit where credit is due in yesterday's post, so this gives me an excuse to upload some more photos of the girlz before I "have to" change their outfits again. Jane, top, shows off the halter maxi made just for us by Libby of Pistachio Libby. She has done a ton of fantastic things for us. Check out her Etsy and Flickr.

Also in a halter dress, this one by Mallory of I_Love_George, the ever-photogenic Daisy is wearing a crochet shrug that is actually a "thingy" from IKEA. There's just no other word for it. In the fabric section IKEA sells a package of five multi-color crochet motifs that you can stitch to a throw pillow or whatever. Or, make a Blythe shrug.

Alice Snow is in the cherry print T-shirt wrap dress, which turned out to be a nice surprise. Not only is it perfect with her eyes, but it fits great. I thought it was a Barbie dress that would be too big. Now I'm not sure what it is, but I like it.

Molly is in a babydoll top or mini dress, also by Pistachio Libby. Her sash is crooked; that's my fault. I added some random capri tights and hi-top Chucks, and I like the result. I hate when that happens! Everytime I come up with a cute outfit, that just means more dolly stuff I don't want to part with! Much more fun to sell and move on.

Lilly, bottom, ended up with the Barbie Jonathan Adler dress only because I wanted the end tables and lamps. I got one set on Ebay without the doll, which was fine, but then I happened on another set at Tuesday Mornings that was too cheap to pass up, and it included the doll. Lilly wears it well, I think.

Lilly is my fashionista, whereas Molly, Daisy, Bunny, Jane and Alice are "cute" to me. Maggy is sort of in limbo due to face and body problems. "Pookie," to be renamed Joey, is off for an overhaul (disaster story forthcoming), Zena also has a little problem, but would probably fall into the cute category. I don't know how to describe Virginia with her mass of orange-ish red mohair, but I love her look, and Charlotte, the Urban Cowgirl, has beautiful hair, skin, and I'm happy with her eyechips, but I can't seem to get one good picture of her and haven't figured out what her style is yet.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Glamazons vs. Glamourpusses vs. Just Plain Cute: What's Your Pleasure?

Little Red Virginia Woolf's adventures in Plastic Paradise with Wolfie

Virginia and Mr. Woolf (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Get it?) are heading not to Grandma's house, nor over the river and through the woods, but in fact to Plastic Paradise where I just listed a ton of stuff for sale in "sundries."

And a proper wolf sneer and snarl at Mattel: when I got the Barbie Little Red Riding Hood I discovered that, just like the Alice Queen of Hearts, the dress was sewn right on her body. There were no snaps, buttons, elastic or other closures, no easy way to remove it.

This is the original body suit/peasant blouse, black velour corset, picnic basket and of course, wolf. I switched skirts, socks and shoes. The Barbie tartan plaid taffeta skirt sort of fit, but then again, it sort of didn't, so it's off to the PP sale, too.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sock monkeys: A sick obsession or a sock obsession?

Jane models the sock monkey hat I made for her last night, after making several previously for "my humans." I also made the baby afghan pictured. The patterns are from Debbie Stoller's The Happy Hooker: Stitch 'N Bitch Crochet, probably my all-time fave crochet book. Jane also holds another sock monkey motif which I made, hoping to attach it to an off-white, red and brown scarf I am knitting for myself. Trying to learn to knit, that is. Spring is just around the corner, and summer will probably be here before I have anything remotely long enough to serve as a scarf. But, at least the sock monkey applique is ready and waiting.

Friday, March 12, 2010

More Friday Fashion Fun

Charlotte (top) must be dreaming of Myrtle Beach in her finely crocheted hat and top from Plastic Paradise. Or, maybe it's that she is just dreaming of Plastic Paradise, come to think of it. It's a pretty great Blythe forum afterall, and the source of most of the girlz' apparel.

In fact, Bunny snatched up this black and yellow Lolita set from there. It's perfect with her black hair and yellow eyes. Came with the high tops, too.

And Molly shows off in a dress, also from PP and our friends Linda, Molli, Zelda and Ramona who are on quasi-hiatus, still recovering from Blythecon 2009 and the arrival of a not-so-plastic sister! Molly herself, a custom by Joey/Pheisty and Tammara/DollyMolly also came from PP. It really is a Blythe lover's paradise!

Friday Fashion Finds

From the top, Virginia and Jane are wearing custom-made dresses by Pistachio Libby on Etsy. Next, Alice Snow and (bottom) Bunny Velvet are wearing dresses we got from our friend Linda via Plastic Paradise and originally made by Hayley of H Loves R on Etsy. Next to last, Daisy wears an Alice-inspired dress from the TIB shop. That's all for now, folks.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fashionistas in fabric and lambswool, circles and stripes

Lilly is looking all that (she thinks) in a darling sleeveless shift by Pistachio Libby on Etsy from some fabric I picked, actually dress shapes cut out first by My Own Little World, also on Etsy. I had the great idea to learn to sew, and thought the pre-cut fashions would give and my five thumbs a head start.
Suffice to say, when the sewing instructor referred to my machine as "a toy" and snubbed me, she really wasn't all that far off. It is a Singer Pixie Plus, but at the time I requested it from Santa, I didn't even realize there were different kinds of sewing needles, stitches or that I might need a free arm or a buttonhole maker.
I still don't need those things because I've somewhat abandoned sewing, except for a straight or zig zag stitch for altered arts and papercrafts. Libby is my go-to girl for fashion design and sewing. Her work is as fine as any tailor, and twice as detailed and challenging since it is so tiny. Check her out. She welcomes custom requests and collaborations. When I first saw her Etsy, her whimsical Hostess cupcake dresses and Snoopy holiday prints got me right away, and I haven't looked back. The girlz will be doing an entire Libby line fashion show on here very soon. We'll be showing ready-to-wear dresses as well as some snooze-worthy pjs.
Meanwhile, Bunny is wearing a sweater I finished last night. This is the second doll sweater I have ever crocheted, and I enjoyed using some very fine rainbow yarn, actually lambswool and angora called Childsplay by Lorna's Angel. This is a great pattern I've blogged about before from Crochet Today! magazine and adapted from a 1960s Barbie project kit. I ran out of yarn at the end, so all Bunny got was a matching cap, and barely that, instead of a hat. I'm happy with how my sweater turned out; the back even has a button and loop closure and these sleeves fit even better than the first sweater I made. So I must have learned something.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

School girls, mohair and idle hands

Molly is looking all proper in vintage Skipper while Alice also looks proper, since she is in an 'Alice' dress: an Alice in Wonderland goody from Aunt Maggie. (Still haven't seen the darn movie!)
Meanwhile, from left, Virginia, Bunny, Charlotte and Daisy have a little attitude as school girls. Wonder if they would get kicked out? Dresses from TIB, Ebay and Charlotte's blue and green plaid is by LaCrafi, such detailed, fine work she does!
Lastly, Maggy, who has always been rather dull (sorry, Maggy) as an ADG PP, got a little facelift by me. I did one set of eyechips, and since they seem so difficult to get out of an ADG, I gave up and started messing with her face. I was working on another pitiful soul anyway, so I decided Maggy needed some eyeliner and one thing led to another. Then she got freckles and repainted lips. I had no idea what I was doing. Still don't, but I kind of like her.

Still Crocheting Away

Hats I made this weekend, modeled by Jane, who is also showing off some of her new Cool Cat eye chips. I may put the hats in my Etsy shop when I get a chance.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Molly Brown and Violet Jane are here; Lilly showing off as usual

Jane, my new French Trench, arrived this week, along with Molly Brown, an adorable mohair by DollyMolly and Pheisty. I'm just getting used to her Licca body, having learned how to tighten up the floppy legs, and I've been changing Jane's eyechips, one pair a day, after I learned the hard way about that, too.

Jane is wearing a navy dress set I got on Plastic Paradise along with the sweet red mohair sweater by DollyDressUp on Etsy. I also used a gold 'J' charm from a Juicy Couture perfume bottle for her pull ring. So far I've given her dark brown chips, but I have light brown, olive and red/green combo all coming, all by Cool Cat.

I wish there were more hours in the day; there's so much I want to do. I flew to Indiana this weekend and only packed one girl, trying to be practical. Besides, I also brought my knitting, crocheting, books to review, magazines, blogging, some other projects and some real work. Plus I came here to go to the doctor, dentist, get a hi-lite from Alica, my all-time favorite hair girl for 11 years now, get a nail fill, go tanning, and otherwise get an overhaul. Too bad I can't get liposuction on the weekend also.

Meanwhile, Lilly, my Star Dancer, wanted to show off her lovely purple set from Megipupu that looks great with the crocheted skirt we got on PP and her Marc Jacobs-like designer bag. She's such a fashion plate! Drives the other girls crazy. Stayed tuned for new pictures of Jane and Molly and the crew when I get back; Libby of Pistachio Libby on Etsy has been making us a fantastic wardrobe with some fabrics I picked.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finally Got the Holy Grail; Who Cares if they're Re-Sale?

It's hard to believe some one-inch plastic or rubber or kryptonite little red shoes could make my day, but that's just what these red and white scalloped mary janes did on Friday. And I think I was still grinning on Saturday and Sunday

As they once came on a Kayla Barbie that is very scarce, even on Ebay, and as no one seems to want to part with them, I thought I'd never own a pair. In their heyday, they went for as high as $75 on Ebay. They're practically impossible to copy; I've not seen a decent painted imitation. But luckily for me, I saw a pair listed on Plastic Paradise at a very reasonable price. And I didn't even see them until day two of their listing. Still can't believe I got them!

Like the shoes, nearly everything else above is secondhand, or re-sale, including all the dolls except my blonde Star Dancer, Lilly. Virginia, the redhead with the shoes, came from Australia, and her felted jacket and darling dress came from two different PP sales. Daisy, Lilly and Charlotte are wearing, for the most part, all second-hand fashions, also from PP. From left, an Aminomopop coat, knitted hat, Mochi Mochi pants, top and purse and then granny-square crocheted skirt are all "used." The rest of the trio's items are from Ebay or Etsy

And, what can I say about Alice's incredible Marie Antoinette-like gown? This was made in Ohio by "My Own Little World," traveled to who knows where and ended up in the Netherlands, where I bought it on PP. Back to the states it came. It is much more divine in person than the picture shows. Hooray for Blythe owners who re-use, re-purpose, re-style and re-sell.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Welcome, Molly Brown!

I just want to eat her up, and she isn't even here yet! If Miss Molly Brown looks familiar, it's probably because I got her from Tammara, a.k.a. DollyMolly on Etsy, who has a very similar "regular" girl, model, mascot, whatever you want to call her, named Sandrine.

This gal above was done by Pheisty with the wefted mohair Cool Cat scalp added by Tammara. I've GOT to stop looking at Plastic Paradise; the freckles just sucked me in! I have a weakness for mohair anyway, and DollyMolly fashions, and this little sweetie will be traveling with a mini-new DollyMolly wardrobe. Can't wait!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome (Back?) Violet Jane

...And she will be called Jane. The top photo is my former French Trench Violet, whom I got from Seattle Blythe Brian and later sold to art friend Viv. Violet's in good hands with Viv and went there when I was downsizing my Blythe collection. I sold four or five dolls, tons of clothes, maryjanes, yes, even frog boots (why? o, why?) and my entire furnished five-story dollhouse.

It was a good move at the time, but I have always missed Violet's sweet face, short, easy to handle curly hair and violet eyes. So I recently found the used and naked (yikes) French Trench on ebay from Asia. And now that I know how to change eyechips, I figure I can give her violet chips again, or any color I wish. In fact, thanks to Maggie, I have some groovy colors coming from CoolCat like matte blue, pink/yellow, olive, dark brown, yellow and red. We'll see what seems right for Jane.

I decided to call her Violet Jane or Jane, because it didn't make sense to me to have another French Trench by a different name, but at the same time I didn't want to step on Viv's toes, or my former Violet's plastic toes. And since I have a gold "J" charm from Juicy Couture just waiting to be put to use, the whole Jane thing fell into place--short hair, short name.