Sunday, March 28, 2010

The long and short of it all

Meet Abby
Originally uploaded by Gina2424

Welcome Abigail, or Abby for short, named after my very smart, very cute and very special great-niece Abby. My real Abby is a junior high actress, poet, writer and all around bright light and good kid.

This plastic Abby was customized by Justine in Malyasia/Australia area. She was originally a new Saffy, given wefted, crinkly hair down to her ankles (that's the long of it). She has blue, grey, green and purple eyes. The purple are almost magenta and may have to go when I get some new ones.

I loved her hair when I saw her on Flickr, and although I still do, I had forgotten how hard to handle hair that long can be. In fact when my ADG Maggy first arrived over two years ago with hair approaching her ankles, I gave her a long asymmetical bob early on. Sometimes I regret the cut, but not very often.

Maggy was cute early on, (see her Flickr set here), but with her long, long hair, I found I kept it mostly in curlers to avoid dealing with it. Abby's hair is already crimped, so no curlers for her and no elastic either. But, she might be getting a slight trim, at least up to her knees. I'll post more pics so you can see all the hair as well as the darling custom-made outfit by Pistachio Libby.

Meanwhile, check out all my Blythe furniture sales on Plastic Paradise. Gotta unload some stuff! The Blythe girlz have better clothes than I do; we can't have them having better furniture too! Can we?