Friday, March 12, 2010

More Friday Fashion Fun

Charlotte (top) must be dreaming of Myrtle Beach in her finely crocheted hat and top from Plastic Paradise. Or, maybe it's that she is just dreaming of Plastic Paradise, come to think of it. It's a pretty great Blythe forum afterall, and the source of most of the girlz' apparel.

In fact, Bunny snatched up this black and yellow Lolita set from there. It's perfect with her black hair and yellow eyes. Came with the high tops, too.

And Molly shows off in a dress, also from PP and our friends Linda, Molli, Zelda and Ramona who are on quasi-hiatus, still recovering from Blythecon 2009 and the arrival of a not-so-plastic sister! Molly herself, a custom by Joey/Pheisty and Tammara/DollyMolly also came from PP. It really is a Blythe lover's paradise!

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