Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Welcome, Molly Brown!

I just want to eat her up, and she isn't even here yet! If Miss Molly Brown looks familiar, it's probably because I got her from Tammara, a.k.a. DollyMolly on Etsy, who has a very similar "regular" girl, model, mascot, whatever you want to call her, named Sandrine.

This gal above was done by Pheisty with the wefted mohair Cool Cat scalp added by Tammara. I've GOT to stop looking at Plastic Paradise; the freckles just sucked me in! I have a weakness for mohair anyway, and DollyMolly fashions, and this little sweetie will be traveling with a mini-new DollyMolly wardrobe. Can't wait!

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