Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Fever? Or, Fashion Fever?

I didn't get a chance to give credit where credit is due in yesterday's post, so this gives me an excuse to upload some more photos of the girlz before I "have to" change their outfits again. Jane, top, shows off the halter maxi made just for us by Libby of Pistachio Libby. She has done a ton of fantastic things for us. Check out her Etsy and Flickr.

Also in a halter dress, this one by Mallory of I_Love_George, the ever-photogenic Daisy is wearing a crochet shrug that is actually a "thingy" from IKEA. There's just no other word for it. In the fabric section IKEA sells a package of five multi-color crochet motifs that you can stitch to a throw pillow or whatever. Or, make a Blythe shrug.

Alice Snow is in the cherry print T-shirt wrap dress, which turned out to be a nice surprise. Not only is it perfect with her eyes, but it fits great. I thought it was a Barbie dress that would be too big. Now I'm not sure what it is, but I like it.

Molly is in a babydoll top or mini dress, also by Pistachio Libby. Her sash is crooked; that's my fault. I added some random capri tights and hi-top Chucks, and I like the result. I hate when that happens! Everytime I come up with a cute outfit, that just means more dolly stuff I don't want to part with! Much more fun to sell and move on.

Lilly, bottom, ended up with the Barbie Jonathan Adler dress only because I wanted the end tables and lamps. I got one set on Ebay without the doll, which was fine, but then I happened on another set at Tuesday Mornings that was too cheap to pass up, and it included the doll. Lilly wears it well, I think.

Lilly is my fashionista, whereas Molly, Daisy, Bunny, Jane and Alice are "cute" to me. Maggy is sort of in limbo due to face and body problems. "Pookie," to be renamed Joey, is off for an overhaul (disaster story forthcoming), Zena also has a little problem, but would probably fall into the cute category. I don't know how to describe Virginia with her mass of orange-ish red mohair, but I love her look, and Charlotte, the Urban Cowgirl, has beautiful hair, skin, and I'm happy with her eyechips, but I can't seem to get one good picture of her and haven't figured out what her style is yet.

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