Saturday, June 23, 2012

Welcome Opree June!

A gorgeous confection recently came to Blythe Manor via California. Opree June is a Friendly Freckles Blythe on a Disney fairy body and was painted by customizer Melly Kay with Valspar Java Brown Satin. That alone cracks me up - I think it is the same paint used on my deck!
But Opree (fka Abrianna) turned out much sweeter than a deck, and her she is with her matching pony in a Squeaky Monkey dress recently acquired from Lovebucket on BK.
Don't know if Opree will make it to Blythecon in Dallas; her hair is a little big for a cowgirl hat. I also have 18 (eep! I just counted. Didn't know that. That's a bit unmanageable for me.) girls and only nine cowgirls outfits with hats and boots. Some anyone with problematic hair will be ruled out asap.
I used to never take my Star Dancer Lilly anywhere, even though she was my first Blythe, because I was so worried about losing her hoop earrings. Finally, I decided I never planned to remove them, so a little Super Glue to the rescue. Lilly's a perfect cowgirl, so she'll definitely make the cut.
Can't wait to photograph Opree June more though; she's a fun one.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A beautiful day - inside and out!

Calypso (top) and Poppy take a stroll in the morning glories. Meanwhile, their Cath Kidston living room is coming along smashingly. I think they're gob-smacked!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The full view

Just about done by Gina2424
Just about done, a photo by Gina2424 on Flickr.

Just about done! And it fits into the closet in the 'dolly room.'

Home Sweet Home indeed!

Home Sweet Home indeed! by Gina2424
Home Sweet Home indeed!, a photo by Gina2424 on Flickr.

A final shot of the Jolly Good living room. But we're waiting on something special to show you soon!

Some final shots

Chair pads and center doily by Gina2424
Chair pads and center doily, a photo by Gina2424 on Flickr.

Loft kitchen. Chairs by BuildingIDEA on Etsy, table by me. Vintage Bespaq sink, vintage washer/dryer, tea set and more.

Bathing beauties

Bathing beauties by Gina2424
Bathing beauties, a photo by Gina2424 on Flickr.
Everyone was very hot and schvitzy this weekend! From left: Juliette, Lilly, Brie, Daisy, Poppy and Mallory (cut off in blog pic).