Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cookie, Cakes and Halloween Eye Candy

That's Cookie, singular, (middle photo), of course! My "afro" girl got all faced-up by Aunt Maggie, and look how adorable she turned out! Cookie is an SBL that I bought in parts: faceplate, backplate, eye mech, body, wig -- all separate. She never did have a dome. Maggie gave her a new face, new eyes and made her hair permanent. She "Georgia Peach-ified" her as I like to say, after Maggie's own original afro girl, Georgia Peach.
Now if I could just get a decent picture. It seems all my pix are out of focus lately, and while it could definitely be operator error, I'd like to blame it on my cheap camera. Why? Because I'd rather buy a new, cool camera than admit to shaking hands and bad eyesight!
The hands and eyes come, er, go at the expense of another birthday. The girls (top) helped me celebrate. They look pretty sober, don't they? Don't know why. I gave them 'real' treats.
Mallory snagged onto the Halloween dress first. I finished embroidering it this summer and have been waiting for someone to put it on. Headband and treat bag by Pistachio Libby! Mallory's got the Halloween Medusa Hair goin' on!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mademoiselle Blythe Features Moi!

The girls and I are so lucky to have been chosen by the talented and popular blogger Mademoiselle Blythe (her header shown) a.k.a. Fanny Zara. She recently featured some of my dollhouses for Blythe and others on her blog here or click the headline of this post. Her feature begins an interior designer series in which she will also be profiling some of my besties, Angela and Lindsay.
Even luckier still, I got to meet the lovely Fanny in person at Blythecon 2011 in Portland, after having followed her blog and her Flickr, and occasionally purchasing from her on Blythe Kingdom. And Fanny has exquisite fashion taste, let me add!

So, I decided to revisit some pictures of my first dollhouse, Blythe Manor I, which no longer exists. Gosh! I had forgotten about all the itty bitty pieces and parts in here. You can see Blythe Manor II, The Leesburg Hotel and my Petite Princess three-quarter scale dollhouse on Fanny's blog.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mutiny narrowly avoided; girls get out of boxes finally.

Notice all the grumpy faces? In fact, everyone looks grumpy, even in their new outfits. The girls haven't been homeless, but they've still been living in boxes for the past month. I told them it was better than living under a rock, but they were pretty humorless.
At top Brigette and Polly get together. Polly has a dress loaned to us by Aunt Maggie, whom we miss terribly! The next three grouchbags are Poppy, Pixie and Cady. Pixie has a dress specially made for us by Pistachio Libby. Same for Daisy, below them, left. Next to Daisy is (we think) Mallory and then Sally.
Bottom, from left, are Charlotte and Sofia, both in Pistachio Libby, and then Lilly and Bunny.
The girls were glad to get some fresh air. They can't wait to see some of their old friends again soon, and Blythe sister Cookie will be back from her overhaul at Aunt Maggie's. Meanwhile, after a trip to Maryland for work and to see some dolly friends, I'm going to 'Aunt Libby's' around my birthday to get a sewing lesson. Fun!