Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cookie, Cakes and Halloween Eye Candy

That's Cookie, singular, (middle photo), of course! My "afro" girl got all faced-up by Aunt Maggie, and look how adorable she turned out! Cookie is an SBL that I bought in parts: faceplate, backplate, eye mech, body, wig -- all separate. She never did have a dome. Maggie gave her a new face, new eyes and made her hair permanent. She "Georgia Peach-ified" her as I like to say, after Maggie's own original afro girl, Georgia Peach.
Now if I could just get a decent picture. It seems all my pix are out of focus lately, and while it could definitely be operator error, I'd like to blame it on my cheap camera. Why? Because I'd rather buy a new, cool camera than admit to shaking hands and bad eyesight!
The hands and eyes come, er, go at the expense of another birthday. The girls (top) helped me celebrate. They look pretty sober, don't they? Don't know why. I gave them 'real' treats.
Mallory snagged onto the Halloween dress first. I finished embroidering it this summer and have been waiting for someone to put it on. Headband and treat bag by Pistachio Libby! Mallory's got the Halloween Medusa Hair goin' on!


Abigail said...

looks like fun:)

BG said...

Gina, Cookie looks fabulous ... sound like you all had fun!

P.S. I have the same camera disease, so I know how frustrating it can be.

Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

Happy belated birthday!!! Your girls are fabulous!!! Love the dress you embriodered! BTW, I've got an expensive camera, auto focus and sometimes I still get blurry shots! Go figure...