Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blythe: my pictoral history, saved.

I have no excuses now not to have a visual record of my Blythe collection, past and present. Not only did I start a photo scrapbook, but my talented niece Abby, 13, sent me a lovely fabric collage journal cover. And, squee! She sent a tiny journal with paper for Blythe. I wonder what they will write about?
My 'big people' journal will be for my own doodles, collage, notes, artwork and thoughts. Meanwhile, the scrapbook will be a good place to keep track of my collection. I started with one Blythe in November 2007, and fairly quickly grew to three and then four, before reaching a past high of eight. Then I sold some, as well as my entire dollhouse of many rooms of furniture and accessories. So, I was back down to three for the longest time.
Then, who can explain it--I went a little bonkers in 2010 and was up to 15 Blythes. That's not a lot for some collectors, (friends you know who you are!) but it was more than I could enjoy, manage or dress and display. So, I've sold a few again, and now have 11, although two are still for sale.
And, I have one more, hairless, that I have been meaning to finish. I am rerooting her with green mohair, but after I stabbed myself in the soft part of my thumb base with an upholstery needle, she has layed untouched for six months! I guess I scared myself when it was spouting blood like a geyser.
As my collection comes and goes, it is nice to remember what and 'who' I had, so the scrapbook and journal will be perfect places to record all that. Do you have a Blythe scrapbook or journal?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Off to see Aunt Libby

Off to see Aunt Libby
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Frog took off today--to try to get Leonard off her mind.
She packed like any female....tons of clothes and shoes for any occasion: ice skates, fins, roller blades, boots, etc.
"Auntie" Libby and "Auntie" Phoebe are going to have some amphibious fashion fun.
Oh dear, I wonder if I should have pinned her nametag on her!
P.S. Our outfit doesn't match real well; she decided to leave rather hastily--before the post office closed.