Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blythe: my pictoral history, saved.

I have no excuses now not to have a visual record of my Blythe collection, past and present. Not only did I start a photo scrapbook, but my talented niece Abby, 13, sent me a lovely fabric collage journal cover. And, squee! She sent a tiny journal with paper for Blythe. I wonder what they will write about?
My 'big people' journal will be for my own doodles, collage, notes, artwork and thoughts. Meanwhile, the scrapbook will be a good place to keep track of my collection. I started with one Blythe in November 2007, and fairly quickly grew to three and then four, before reaching a past high of eight. Then I sold some, as well as my entire dollhouse of many rooms of furniture and accessories. So, I was back down to three for the longest time.
Then, who can explain it--I went a little bonkers in 2010 and was up to 15 Blythes. That's not a lot for some collectors, (friends you know who you are!) but it was more than I could enjoy, manage or dress and display. So, I've sold a few again, and now have 11, although two are still for sale.
And, I have one more, hairless, that I have been meaning to finish. I am rerooting her with green mohair, but after I stabbed myself in the soft part of my thumb base with an upholstery needle, she has layed untouched for six months! I guess I scared myself when it was spouting blood like a geyser.
As my collection comes and goes, it is nice to remember what and 'who' I had, so the scrapbook and journal will be perfect places to record all that. Do you have a Blythe scrapbook or journal?


Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

Oh how cool!!!! You have such a talented niece! I love her journals and the one for Blythe is amazing! I don't know if I could work that small... So which girls do you have up for adoption? Details? :D

Anonymous said...

Your niece is so talented! I love the big fabric joarnal and the little fabric journal! So cute! The brownish notbook with the girls on it though. that from paperchase isn't it? Unless you don't have one then I'm not usre. Love it though!