Thursday, January 31, 2008

Want To Expand your Blythe Wardrobe?

One of the above is an imposter, a neo-neo-Blythe, but the hats are gen-u-ine crocheted by me (or you) thanks to Zoe Aarden's new book available on Blurb here on ebay
Even better is the fact that the book contains 22, count 'em 22, crochet patterns for Blythe, and we all know how hard it is to find any patterns for Blythe, let alone those that are not in Japanese or that are for anything but sewing or knitting.
This book contains dressy clothes, tops, bottoms and many adorable things, which you can personalize with your own choices in yarns and embellishments. At Blurb you can even choose hardcover or softcover! Why not choose both, and give one for a gift!
I have tested the hat pattern many times (about 12 in one day to be exact), and I am honored to say I helped Zoe edit the text. (Eep! I get a shout-out big time on p. 5!) I am so excited for this fellow Blythe collector and crocheter to have her name in lights, errr, print. Some of you may know Zoe as grrrlie 4 on Flickr where you can check out her grrrlz.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Funds!

As Blythe Manor continues to sprawl and closets continue to burgeon, it is no wonder all three girls have jobs! And somehow, Maggy still has some cash left sticking out of her Dooney & Bourke purse in the bottom photo after a trip to Tiffany's and Juicy, as evidenced by her bags. Apparently, they also made stops at the framing store, carpet gallery, toy store, grocery and BLIKEA too!
At least I was able to save some money for them by choosing the Sugarmag grab bag at the This is Blythe shop Five wonderful surprise dress sets arrived for a grand total of $20. Lots of great mix and match possibilities, and now there is a $40 grab bag with 10 outfits as well as a new early spring set of four. Tres fun! We'll be needing all those clothes as Mondie arrives Friday. Haven't decided if I will name her Mondie, as in The Mondrian, or if we will go with a more traditional name. I am hoping to soon squelch my quest (habit?) with a redhead and maybe Welcome Winter. Never say maybe.

Friday, January 25, 2008

BIY-ing Now Underway on a Blog Near You

The lovely Chelise, Queen of ZNE and so much more, the above from a doodle by me, to serve as my icon as co-author of the ZNE Dollz blog, and my first bi-weekly Blythe it Yourself (BIY) article has now appeared.
Rather than re-running the whole thing here, hop on over to the blog for the Jan. 24 post, and you can get some tips on making tiny necklaces for your girls as well as status-y designer bag tags, as seen above. Afterall, most Blythe collectors don't take too long to reach the point where the girls have better clothes, purses and shoes than the owners. Guilty. Evidence photos posted soon.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Hottest Thing Since Vogue Launched!

The January/February issue of Blythe Bliss or is now available. I am so excited to report that some of my Blythe it Yourself (B.I.Y.) columns have made it into a special companion edition. Run, do not walk, on over to etsy NOW. Early orders will receive a darling tote bag and mini Valentine cards with their set....just like the big girls at Glamour, Vogue and Marie Claire do it!
Then, gasp in amazement when you think the brain child behind this tiny glossy (matte-y?) is an 18-year-old, Ms. Amanda H. More on her in the future, but she is truly startlingly talented and clever! And in the case of this project, she's my editor and boss! Can't wait to get my hands on a hard copy! Longer versions and more articles coming at ZNE Dollz

Girls! Sheesh, So Unpredictable!

Just when I was about to write again about how sweet Violet is, I caught her digging through Lilly's closet. And she came up with the sassiest outfit! I mean, a skull on her trucker hat and on her jumper (that's overall-like dress to you people across the pond who call sweaters jumpers)! C'mon, Violet, don't go all Goth on me!
But, I really can't blame her for giving as good as she gets because Lilly's been mostly like a spoiled brat since the new addition, and just yesterday ran to the mailbox ahead of everyone and swiped Violet's package from Singapore. You see when Violet arrived by way of Seattle, it seems her original stock outfits turned up in Singapore. So, her school uniform and trench coat (she is a French Trench afterall) just arrived from another Blythe mommy, and who should have to put them on immediately? Lilly, of course.
Meanwhile, they both left sweet Maggy to clean the house. Oh well, I am sure her Cinderella days are coming. And the demure outfit must have gotten Lilly to clean her room and make her bed, too. Meanwhile, Violet is talkin' trash on the cell phone. Oh dear!
All three girls may take to their beds in about two weeks when the Mondie comes. Oh dear, I forget, are girls worse in groups of three or four? Or does it just depend on how many boys are in the mix?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What's It All About, Blythie?

What IS it all about, Blythie? I am sure that is what you are asking yourself! Well, ask no more, and hop on over to ZNE Dollz for a new public blog, co-coordinated by me, for doll lovers of ALL kinds from Blythe to Momoko, ball-jointed dolls (BJD), dal, Dolfie, Pullip, vintage, china, paper, fabric, antique, ATC, stuffies and more.
ZNE Dollz is a public blog, affiliated with the ZNE Network (VariaZioNE) art group and ZNE Blogz. There will be bountiful information for an endless variety of dolls, doll makers and collectors, as well as interviews, reviews and a bi-weekly DIY/BIY column by me! Yay! Thanks to creator, founder and co-coordinator Chelise Stroud Hery of California for creating this lovely sub-header as well as the lovely blog in general! Dolls are HOT and so is our blog. Check it out. Please leave comments, questions, suggestions and feedback!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Continues, and Lilly was No Help AT ALL

As you can see, Lilly begging to help in the pool house didn't turn out so well, for me anyway. She promised to grout the tile, and before I knew it she was prone and on her cell. So, since everything was so messy, I figured I'd just let her stay there and watch the stubborn chicken on the grill. She looked so cozy in her Effiedalshop Hello Kitty pj's and Stella stuffy from nanajones, both on etsy. Sleeping bag is Only Hearts Club.

By 3 a.m. I was getting tired and cranky, after painting the paneling (who has dark paneling anymore anyway? But, Lilly kept saying, "Go retro, mom!"), the grill, the stove, the washer, the window trim and the counter top. We were going to go with multi-colored, inlaid Italian tile, but that didn't happen. I started it out pink and turquoise, however. Let's just say, eeeewww!

Gotta work on the bedroom floor, and get out their VW, but afraid the DH may have a heart attack, so have to ease him into it. He asked today if he could set up Hot Wheels all over the house. I don't think he is getting it. Besides, the Blythes are in a (quite nice) open closet. I think "open closet" may be an oxymoron, but hey. The previous owners had open shelving and no closet doors for their toddler girl. So, I guess now I'm the toddler girl. Must. Go. Do. Real. Work. Now.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Blythe It Yourself! Sweet! Say Lilly, Maggy & Violet

The girls have been a bit displaced the last couple of days because I've been remodeling their pad, Blythe Manor. I lucked upon this vintage Barbie beach house, and after de-Barbie-izing it and cleaning it up, I began to add "wallpaper," valances, blinds, plants, artwork, flooring, rugs and more. It is just one more artistic and creative outlet.
So Blythe Manor is coming right along! Lilly was the first to check out the new roof-top pool, of course. She was just out in the snow the other day. Next you can see Maggy checking the weather from the office window: valance courtesy of me. Then, there's the new wallpaper, room divider (so 70's), furry chair, throw pillows and etagere, again by, well, you get the idea. It's called design on a budget or Blythe It Yourself, B.I.Y.
You can see the full estate in the next picture. The girls spent their inheritance on it and scrapped the trip to Hawaii, especially after Violet arrived. Then, you can see Lilly giving some attitude pool-side. Deee-Va! At least she put a hoodie on; it's chilly out there.
Meanwhile, Maggy takes a sit in her new fur chair, so retro! and with her fabulous Valentine's sweater from Andrea in Artsymama's LOVE of Supplies Valentine Swap. The sweater has a groovy, glossy detachable pin. This sweater is extra special, because we were doing a totally-nothing-to-do-with-Blythe swap, and Andrea noticed on my Flickr profile or blog that I like Blythes, and she sent the sweater along. I have yet to find out if she made the sweater. I am guessing she made the pin, because it's just we altered art people do, but the sweater is a perfect fit! I love it!

The next house photo shows the Beach house kitchen and lanai. The pool is on the roof! Maybe you can see the girls' choice of lunch that day: Coca Cola, Wonder bread for sandwiches and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. But, they've gotten a chicken on the Barbie (That's Bar-B-Q, not a chicken on an actual Barbie, ewwww).

You can also see they've left out their bowling ball, golf clubs, bathing suit and Scrabble. What's a Blythe mom to do? At least we have a nice view of the lake. Lakefront property on ebay is just crazy!

Next, we have the bathroom with the lovely new (real) tiny sampler from SSimpson Then, more pictures of the beach house. The gateleg table has attached barstools for which I affixed seat cushions to match my wallpaper, placemats and valances. It's kind of a crazy layout; who ever heard of a washer/dryer in the kitchen. At least they're back to back. (In reality, this was once someone's very cool toy as real running water circled through the washing machine, sink, aquarium and pool as well as the outdoor shower. And there's a built in air pump for inflatable toys and furniture. So chic! And handy, since the pool came with an inflatable palm tree and canopy. This reminds me of my daughter Adrienne's dad, who along with her step-mom, the very sweet Tess, have a double-decker pontoon with a palm tree on it. But, that's another story, kids.

Back at Blythe Manor, I converted the aquarium into a window, because I wasn't much for the fake fish, but I did visit the Wal-Mart pet aisle to try to find some tiny plants for the house. You can actually get those in a three-pack, you know. So we're really just waiting for a few other furniture pieces and accessories, before we park our VW Bug and call it Home Sweet Home.

I found a talented designer and seamstress, Shirley from Fort Wayne, IN or barbiefurnitureandfashions (just like that) on ebay who makes fabulous furniture a la Broyhill, and I have just the fabric here in mind to take to her. She normally provides her own, but I have a quilted purse (one can imagine what kind) that I want her to deconstruct.
Oh, another BIY tip, although I can't share them all: I cut up a straw placement and it made for some lovely beach house rugs, while a woven pattern placemat was the perfect flooring. I can decide if it looks like sand or Armstrong flooring, but it looks good, if I do say so!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fashions!

So the girls have been cranky lately. I've been changing their clothes to try out the lovely things I've been fortunate enough to receive in swaps or to get via TIB friends, but I've been busy with work and my art blog and a Valentine swap as well as some new groups on Flickr and promoting a swap there, that I haven't had time to attend to their (the girls') blog here. Yes, suddenly it is their blog, but they really aren't too helpful- no typing and no camera skills. They're just posers, I tell you, posers!
First up, Violet shows one of the 3 lovely dresses she came with, from SeattleBlythe, a stuffie called Stella from nanajones on etsy and the violet mary janes from TIB Forum that complete several outfits. Violet is turning out to be quite a heart-breaker with those eyes!.
Then, Lilly insisted upon going out in the snow with her new momo coat and Uggs from the TIB shop. She added a re-ment leopard scarf, and her "Coach" "Ugg" bag. I wasn't sure how one could have a Coach/Ugg bag until I made it! More on that in another B.I.Y. (Blythe it Yourself) installment either here, in BlytheBliss magazine which is edited by the bright Manda Panda on TIB who is all of 18!, and/or ZNE Dollz, a website which goes public Tuesday.
Maggy in her crocheted skirt and Barbie top and shrug hangs out in her bedroom, on her new cozy bedding from Etsy. You can't see her new red maryjanes in this pic, but they are the talk of the town as you can see in the last picture where she is in her Hello Kitty dress and hat.
Violet in her Blythe Station hoodie and cords chills in the living room with their 5th pet, Pepe a chihuahua. At least the girls take care of the animals. Now that they have a lanai, pool and beach house, hard telling what will turn up! Violet's hat was made by me, with a pattern from Zoe, grrrlie4 on Flickr. She and I are in the midst of a swap. She makes lovely Blythe clothes, that are hip a la Studio 54, so I can't wait to see what I get. After I got her hat pattern, I ended up making about a dozen hats. The throw pillow Violet has was also made and embellished by me, and I did about half dozen of those from a crochet bead pattern. Now I have a "real people' baby shower coming up for Jen F. in Feb., so I'll have to get the larger crochet hooks going.
And finally, Violet and Maggy, both looking so sweet and docile (unlike Lilly!) hold hands in the kitchen in their new dresses and headgear. No, not that kind of head gear, even though Adrienne might like to take them to Dr. Moryl's some day.
So I have been clicking away, as I am participating in 52 Weeks of Blythe on Flickr. Some of my (crazy?) counterparts are participating in 365 Days of Blythe, changing, photographing, uploading, writing every day. You go, Blythe mommies and daddies. Yes, they have daddies. They didn't just materialize one day at a toy store, you know.

Another Swap Reminder-Sign Up Until 1-20

Badge by Green Apple on Etsy and Flickr for the Flickr Blythe in America Swap!

Monday, January 7, 2008

This is My Co-Hostess's Girl

Thanks to LucysPostcardQuilts on Flickr for the invite to help administer her group and co-host its first swap. Come see us and join

Saturday, January 5, 2008

I'll give you my red mary janes for your....

Come join me and other Blythe crazy people for the Valentine's swap on Flickr at Blythe in America! Sign up until Jan. 20 by joining the group. You will receive the name of one fellow member to send between Feb. 1-7 a $10-$20 goody package of all things Blythe and Valentine's. It should be fun, and we have a good response so far. I am co-hosting with fellow group administrator LucysPostcardQuilts. Our lovely swap badge was made by Sandy of sandbeech on Flickr, and a fellow Faerie Zine mod. It's all good! Meanwhile, for some great eye candy daily or weekly, check out the 365 Days of Blythe and 52 Weeks of Blythe groups on Flickr. Great fun! Here's a link to the swap and Blythe in America group (photos of Blythe taken in America by anyone). Swap for US members only at this time- just giving swapping a whirl to see how people respond, without having to figure out international mail, etc.