Saturday, January 12, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fashions!

So the girls have been cranky lately. I've been changing their clothes to try out the lovely things I've been fortunate enough to receive in swaps or to get via TIB friends, but I've been busy with work and my art blog and a Valentine swap as well as some new groups on Flickr and promoting a swap there, that I haven't had time to attend to their (the girls') blog here. Yes, suddenly it is their blog, but they really aren't too helpful- no typing and no camera skills. They're just posers, I tell you, posers!
First up, Violet shows one of the 3 lovely dresses she came with, from SeattleBlythe, a stuffie called Stella from nanajones on etsy and the violet mary janes from TIB Forum that complete several outfits. Violet is turning out to be quite a heart-breaker with those eyes!.
Then, Lilly insisted upon going out in the snow with her new momo coat and Uggs from the TIB shop. She added a re-ment leopard scarf, and her "Coach" "Ugg" bag. I wasn't sure how one could have a Coach/Ugg bag until I made it! More on that in another B.I.Y. (Blythe it Yourself) installment either here, in BlytheBliss magazine which is edited by the bright Manda Panda on TIB who is all of 18!, and/or ZNE Dollz, a website which goes public Tuesday.
Maggy in her crocheted skirt and Barbie top and shrug hangs out in her bedroom, on her new cozy bedding from Etsy. You can't see her new red maryjanes in this pic, but they are the talk of the town as you can see in the last picture where she is in her Hello Kitty dress and hat.
Violet in her Blythe Station hoodie and cords chills in the living room with their 5th pet, Pepe a chihuahua. At least the girls take care of the animals. Now that they have a lanai, pool and beach house, hard telling what will turn up! Violet's hat was made by me, with a pattern from Zoe, grrrlie4 on Flickr. She and I are in the midst of a swap. She makes lovely Blythe clothes, that are hip a la Studio 54, so I can't wait to see what I get. After I got her hat pattern, I ended up making about a dozen hats. The throw pillow Violet has was also made and embellished by me, and I did about half dozen of those from a crochet bead pattern. Now I have a "real people' baby shower coming up for Jen F. in Feb., so I'll have to get the larger crochet hooks going.
And finally, Violet and Maggy, both looking so sweet and docile (unlike Lilly!) hold hands in the kitchen in their new dresses and headgear. No, not that kind of head gear, even though Adrienne might like to take them to Dr. Moryl's some day.
So I have been clicking away, as I am participating in 52 Weeks of Blythe on Flickr. Some of my (crazy?) counterparts are participating in 365 Days of Blythe, changing, photographing, uploading, writing every day. You go, Blythe mommies and daddies. Yes, they have daddies. They didn't just materialize one day at a toy store, you know.

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