Thursday, January 31, 2008

Want To Expand your Blythe Wardrobe?

One of the above is an imposter, a neo-neo-Blythe, but the hats are gen-u-ine crocheted by me (or you) thanks to Zoe Aarden's new book available on Blurb here on ebay
Even better is the fact that the book contains 22, count 'em 22, crochet patterns for Blythe, and we all know how hard it is to find any patterns for Blythe, let alone those that are not in Japanese or that are for anything but sewing or knitting.
This book contains dressy clothes, tops, bottoms and many adorable things, which you can personalize with your own choices in yarns and embellishments. At Blurb you can even choose hardcover or softcover! Why not choose both, and give one for a gift!
I have tested the hat pattern many times (about 12 in one day to be exact), and I am honored to say I helped Zoe edit the text. (Eep! I get a shout-out big time on p. 5!) I am so excited for this fellow Blythe collector and crocheter to have her name in lights, errr, print. Some of you may know Zoe as grrrlie 4 on Flickr where you can check out her grrrlz.

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Unknown said...

OMG - your cat looks ALOT like mine. :-)