Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Meet the Newest Girls: Brie, Calypso, Gabi, Bee & Louise

From the top: Brie is a little elf girl with pointy ears. She was started by Shayna (ladyingreen) of PA. I enhanced her eyelids and eyeshadow and added blush as well as a skinny scalp by Sleeping Elf. Calypso is my Mermaid girl by Cindy Sowers, shown here in a My Own Little World dress and with a fairytale boat by Debrina Pratt from Land of Enchantment. Gabi (in polka dots) is a sweet girl with Milky Way Blythe flowered eye chips. Bee, or Bedelia Miffy, is a Rainy Day Parade (RDP) custom who wants to be a ballerina. Louise is a stock Gentle River (GR) wearing a Taylor Couture cardigan with flower pin and a Mandylynn crocheted hat.