Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween, dear dolly & art friends!

Daisy and her Halloween bear from her "first mama" Rui wish you a Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from all the Blythes at Blythe Manor!

Boo! Aren't we so scary in our vintage Skipper outfits? Everyone wanted to be Skipper for Halloween. Imagine that! From left: Brigette, Virginia, Jane, Lilly, Wednesday, Alice, Daisy, Phoebe, Charlotte, Molly (hanging out), Bunny, Buffy, Polly.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween!

From me and all my plastic friends here at Blythe-O-Mania Untamed! (Which should now also be called Barbie Mania! And Wonder Frog Mania. And Poppy Parker Mania.....and well, mania)

Charlotte looking pensive; vacation's over

Charlotte looking pensive
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Charlotte gazes out at the Atlantic Ocean, wondering why vacation has to come to an end. I think she's also mad at me since she didn't get to wear any of the vintage Skipper stuff I dragged along for her. In fact, she only got one outfit change, into this cute Hello Kitty halter dress.
Or, perhaps she's dreading the seven hour drive home that we made on Saturday--which turned into a 10-hour trip, complete with in-car vomiting on the driver. And that's already more than enough said on that subject!
The Blythes, Barbies, Poppy and Wonder Frog are looking forward to getting dressed for Halloween and for hosting a winter gathering of our Dollmarvalous (DE, MD, VA, PA, DC) Collectors group here on Flickr.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Charlotte on Vacation: Progress Report

It's no wonder her red VW was cram-packed. Had to include her vintage bikini, as well as her beach towel, shades, air mattress and flippers, don'tcha know?

Plastic People Need a Vacation, Too

Here are just a few scenes from the vacation of Poppy Parker, Wonder Frog (a.k.a. Frog), Bubblecut, Silkstone and PonyTail Barbie. Besides the usual over-packing of fashions and accessories, this time I even brought along their furniture! And backdrops. And flooring. Wanted to make time for some photoshoots that I'd had no time at home to do.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Charlotte: Off to Myrtle Beach (with me)

Yes. We brought Too. Much. Stuff. Also attending: Frog, Mini Frog, Mini Blythe, Tutti, Kelly, Poppy Parker, Francie, Midge, 2 Silkstones and 3 vintage Barbies. Further acoutrements: one book of 562 pages, 19 magazines weighing approximately 42 pounds (3 copies of Vogue), 2 doll beds, 2 room backdrops, assorted cases and shoe sorters, 1 large shopping bag of Ebay sales to manage, 1 small bag of dolly sewing, mending, ironing and tiny vintage bouquets to re-wire and re-glue; laptop, camera and assorted electronic devices; 1 large first-aid kit and bag of supplies for the inevitable beach mishaps that have befallen me in the past (too numerous to mention here but do note at least 3 E.R. visits in 25 years of semi-annual beach pilgrimages); 1 blanket and pillow from home (adult size), and I even managed to remember to pack my own suitcase and bring a swim suit and towel (2 ea.).
Perhaps I need a class in a) How to Relax, b) How to Take a Vacation and/or c) How Not to be So Anal.