Saturday, March 6, 2010

Molly Brown and Violet Jane are here; Lilly showing off as usual

Jane, my new French Trench, arrived this week, along with Molly Brown, an adorable mohair by DollyMolly and Pheisty. I'm just getting used to her Licca body, having learned how to tighten up the floppy legs, and I've been changing Jane's eyechips, one pair a day, after I learned the hard way about that, too.

Jane is wearing a navy dress set I got on Plastic Paradise along with the sweet red mohair sweater by DollyDressUp on Etsy. I also used a gold 'J' charm from a Juicy Couture perfume bottle for her pull ring. So far I've given her dark brown chips, but I have light brown, olive and red/green combo all coming, all by Cool Cat.

I wish there were more hours in the day; there's so much I want to do. I flew to Indiana this weekend and only packed one girl, trying to be practical. Besides, I also brought my knitting, crocheting, books to review, magazines, blogging, some other projects and some real work. Plus I came here to go to the doctor, dentist, get a hi-lite from Alica, my all-time favorite hair girl for 11 years now, get a nail fill, go tanning, and otherwise get an overhaul. Too bad I can't get liposuction on the weekend also.

Meanwhile, Lilly, my Star Dancer, wanted to show off her lovely purple set from Megipupu that looks great with the crocheted skirt we got on PP and her Marc Jacobs-like designer bag. She's such a fashion plate! Drives the other girls crazy. Stayed tuned for new pictures of Jane and Molly and the crew when I get back; Libby of Pistachio Libby on Etsy has been making us a fantastic wardrobe with some fabrics I picked.

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Dollybird said...

I really like your blonde girl's floofy hair. Do you mind if I ask if it's mohair or wool? It's super-cute!