Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome (Back?) Violet Jane

...And she will be called Jane. The top photo is my former French Trench Violet, whom I got from Seattle Blythe Brian and later sold to art friend Viv. Violet's in good hands with Viv and went there when I was downsizing my Blythe collection. I sold four or five dolls, tons of clothes, maryjanes, yes, even frog boots (why? o, why?) and my entire furnished five-story dollhouse.

It was a good move at the time, but I have always missed Violet's sweet face, short, easy to handle curly hair and violet eyes. So I recently found the used and naked (yikes) French Trench on ebay from Asia. And now that I know how to change eyechips, I figure I can give her violet chips again, or any color I wish. In fact, thanks to Maggie, I have some groovy colors coming from CoolCat like matte blue, pink/yellow, olive, dark brown, yellow and red. We'll see what seems right for Jane.

I decided to call her Violet Jane or Jane, because it didn't make sense to me to have another French Trench by a different name, but at the same time I didn't want to step on Viv's toes, or my former Violet's plastic toes. And since I have a gold "J" charm from Juicy Couture just waiting to be put to use, the whole Jane thing fell into place--short hair, short name.

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vivian said...

ha! thats too funny.. you miss violet! Violets alive and well.. She pretty much hangs out in my craft room with ann estelle, my mary englebriet girl. I really should do something with them. They probably wonder why I havent played with them in so long! maybe this weekend!
well, I glad you got a new friend.. Please dont ever be worried about stepping on mineor violets toes.. we just dont get upset about much.. and are just happy that your happy!