Sunday, November 22, 2009

Goodies from First-Ever Blythecon

Although I could not attend Blythecon in Atlanta, much to my chagrin, because of a move and job change, I was there in spirit and wallet as I sent some $$ with "Auntie Maggie," so she could get the girls a souvenir. She chose for us this darling pinafore and bloomers set in pinks, purples and blues from KittyKatDance. It came with a tiny little cake, too!

And she got the last 2010 Blythe desk calendar from Gina Garan, who kindly signed it for me, Gina to Gina.

And, if that weren't fab enough, Maggie brought us a gift also, the tan felt dress modeled by Lilly, and a darling Dolly Molly magnet. Almost as good as being there.

The top photo is hard to explain. My Maggy has been decked out and standing outside Target since last Friday. Apparently she thought it was Black Friday already. She has her felt tote from Barb of Academy Beldam, her TIB Uggs, a hat by me and fashions by Barbie. She looks a little astonished that she's got to stay in line another week if she wants to be first in at 5 a.m. Not for me, no thank you! I like to avoid commerce that day.

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