Sunday, October 11, 2009

And we're back: Slumber parties and high fashion with Vintage Barbie

Like a cuddly lemon--if lemons were cuddly--Miss Bunny Velvet models the vintage Twist and Turn Barbie outfit we snagged from Ebay after careful scrutiny. We were outbid by three cents with three seconds to go on one set and would have paid $30.03. Instead, we tried again with Ebay-like fortitude and found another one for $19.95. Perfect! Love the red and yellow. Pretty sure I had this outfit for my Barbie as a child. I was heavily into Barbie (and Skipper, Ken, Midge, Stacey, PJ, Francie, Casey, etc., etc.,) so it's hard to remember all the outfits. I had cases and cases of them and houses and....then I did it all over again with my daughter about 20 years ago.

Speaking of Barbie, the pajamas on Lilly, Maggy and Zena above are from a Barbie fashions multi-pack at Wal-Mart. Love the colors and the cute owl designs. There were enough pieces and some faux plastic Uggs (Maggy has on the 'real' Uggs from Gina Garan's This is Blythe shop).

The girls decided to have a slumber party because they don't think they are going to Blythecon, where they were going to have a slumber party with their IRL friends, Lindsay and Claudette and Angela and Annie and Arturo and Maggie and Rupa and their girls. Bummercon.

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Bryanna Lenan said...

Glad you back... love the girls.