Sunday, December 23, 2007

Spa Day for Maggy

Maggy got to go with me yesterday to my favorite haunt, Expressions Salon and Day Spa. The Hair Girls as I call them (the real 'hair girls,' not the Blythes) were clamoring to see her in her blue wig, one of three I got from Cindy at Alica, my very own hair girl for the past 8-9 years, was truly not too thrilled to have to pose with "a doll in a wig?" as she put it, with the questioning inflection. But Alica will do almost anything for me, and I for her, and I love her like a daughter (born when I was 6, of course).

But the other Hair Girls were all over Maggy, especially Audrey, who snatched Karrie's mini Hallmark blow dryer, to get into the act. Intern Kate, who found Expressions through a Career Day Open House letter I wrote to her cosmetology school, got into the act. After painting my fingers and toes she whipped out the skinniest brush ever for Maggy's fingers. I put that off for another day until I can research polish removal on Blythe nails.

While digging through the nail stuff, Kate found some sparkly decals and wanted to pierce Maggy's nose and chin to match her own. We went with one sparkly decal, which promptly fell off (and I was okay with that, but trying to humor Kate), and sparkly eye designs, which I do love, and so does Maggy.

When we were all done, Kate made me write down Blythe websites for her. She said she was going to buy one to customize and re-sell. I told her I had seen custom Blythe's going for $800 and more on ebay. Crazy but true. And some of the Customs are well worth it.

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Unknown said...

Well I am amazed - I have never heard of Blythe dolls and to see this blog has been fascinating!!!!
Loved seeing pics of Maggy's spa day - lucky girlie having all that pampering!

Hugs DaWN