Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas presents, a new haircut and a closet!

The girls were so excited to receive these swap goodies from Lindajed and Molli and Zelda at, our friends from Flickr. The Georgia girls and their mom were so kind to send coordinating fashions and little goodies, like coffee and scones from 'Panera'. Thanks so much to Linda and congrats on finishing your exams. Happy holiday time off to all of us!
Lilly immediately had to call all her friends on the new phone she received. She's also wearing her new leggings. Meanwhile, Maggy got all dressed up in the adorable sweater and skirt set, adding tights and shoes from Blythe dressing room. After zapping her latte and chocolate chip scone in the microwave, she promptly went out and got a haircut! She asked for the Posh Spice/Katie Holmes combo. I hope she likes it, because it's not going to grow back very fast. But, her long hair was unmanageable hanging below her knees, and it was either get it cut or get a Lounging Lovely! You know it's a bad hair day, when only a $150 sister can make it right. However, Maggy looks quite pleased and put her feet up when she got home from shopping and the salon.
The girls now have some storage in the form of a Re-ment closet and cabinet to better organize their stuff and to keep their shoes away from the cats! Wonder what's left for Santa to bring them?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gina!

Good to see the girls like their clothes, Re-ment, and accessories! My girls talk on the phone non-stop too! :)