Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rock Stars or Girls Gone Bad? Or Just to the Mall? Or Are They Wigging Out?

I just knew the guitar would be the start of something bad! First Maggy joins a garage band that covers The Bangles, Heart and Pat Benatar, then she gets a trendy short cut. Next thing I know they've gone to the mall with their friends, and now they're all tarted up!
Both of them ordered wigs from I have to admit they look pretty fabulous! And Maggy's short cut sure helped her get her big head in her wig! But blue? Girls! Little do they know I also have a long curly white Alice wig with bangs waiting in the wings. No wings on the wigs, thank goodness. Wings are only for Farrah Fawcett.
Anyway, Maggy then picks a short velvet Fashion Fever set with stilettos to go with her Blythe Dressing Room burgundy sheer tights. Meanwhile, Lilly is still chillaxin' and making faces at Maggy's guitar playing. Lilly put on her afro curly wig, added a barette but didn't feel like changing her clothes. In fact, she plopped down with popcorn after they'd just ordered in pizza (and left it lying on the coffee table, of course).
The girls are so excited because we have some bathroom remodeling coming from a Flickr Blythe Blythe Blythe and This is Blythe forum sale here That may have to complete the dollhouse, or the DH may have a stroke.
To support our habit, we decided to ebay a few things that don't fit. They are a deal here:
We're also giving a couple Barbies and supplies to Aunt Judi for playtime with Chloe and Logan. (Logan calls himself Chlogan and wants to play dolls, too. He's 4. Both Chloe and Logan are getting Cabbage Patch for Christmas. Shhh! Oh wait, they can't read. Well, actually Chloe can, but she can't blog (I don't think). We'll have to post about the CPK names later. Don't tell Aunt Doodi her Barbie end table is really the pizza-box-lid-holder-up-thingy. I learned that one from my daughter Adrienne, now 24.
So it was a good dolly day, and we're happy to be tucked inside waiting for the Midwestern blizzard after a yummy lunch at Panera (Thanks, Michelle) and some light Christmas shopping.

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