Thursday, December 27, 2007

Crochet for Me; Bath Time for Violet

The lovely Zoe Aarden, grrrlie4 on Flickr and crocheter extraordinaire, inspired me to get out my hook and yarns the day after Christmas. She and I are doing a yarn/Blythe/misc. swap, and I can hardly wait to see what arrives! I got busy making hats about 10:30 a.m. and finally quit about 2 a.m. The end result was nine different hats with time out for eating and napping and other stuff. My last one, when my eyes were bleary, actually is one of my favorites. It is the nubby burgundy one here, modeled by Maggy (ADG#3). There will be plenty of hats to go around, and others to mail to nice people (hint:hmmm?) I also made an American Eagle-like hat as my DH called it and seen on my other blog which was promptly mailed to the new Isaac Zygmunt Kil of Freeport, MI. I hope Ike doesn't mind that Lester posed in the hat for photo purposes. Do you suppose a baby's head is much bigger than a Blythe's?
Meanwhile, the lovely Violet (French Trench) of the violet eyes arrived from Seattle on Christmas eve and was smuggled in without the kids and DH noticing. They just get all freaky about Blythe stuff. I have to ease them into it. As I said earlier, I thought I would be a two-Blythe family, but she was a late night deal with pleading eyes. Generous seller SeattleBlythe on TIB sent three outfits, a wig, hightops and more.
Violet took a nice long bubble bath to unwind from her trip and get settled in. She was the first to try out the new Blythe bathroom, with Fashion Fever fixtures arriving 12/26 from DirtyBootsSamantha on TIB and Flickr. I had fun organizing all of the tiny Re-ment cosmetics. I have to use Glue Dots to dissuade my cats from eating them. So far we are missing one rubber duck.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome, Violet!

What a cute addition to your family. Blythe is so addictive, I totally understand how the family just kind of grows unexpectedly.

I have been able to control myself with Blythes (for now), but clothes, accessories, and furniture are a complete different matter. Somehow, packages show up at home almost daily nowadays. The girls are a demanding pair. Ha ha.

Don't worry, I think that the family will warm up to the girls over time. My husband used to "tolerate" the girls. He has slowly changed his mind about them (even though he'd never admit it) and now helps come up with ideas for pictures. I'm sure your family will soon love Lilly, Maggy, and Violet too!