Saturday, December 29, 2007

Lilly's Day Out

Lilly was just kind of awful today when I took her to the aquarium and botanical gardens. I think it was her new outfit by Juicy Couture from a TIB friend that made her feel all sassy. All she could do was show off. "Lilly stay out of the flowers," I said. "Lilly, get out of the tree." "Lilly leave the animals alone."
But, she insisted on turning cartwheels and back bends and anything else she could do to be naughty and distracting. About the only thing she paid attention to was the goldfish exhibit, even though there was only one fish in the tank.
She kept striking poses at every flower and every leaf. I indulged her a little since heaven knows my photography skills need all the practice they can get. I have yet to get one really cool shot that made me happy.
We had to hurry home because her skirt kept falling down; thank goodness I made her wear tights since it was chilly! She managed to lose her earrings twice while goofing off, and a cat nearly ate her shoe. More on that later. We stopped to see a Santa who was still listening to wishes (maybe for next year?), although Lilly wouldn't say a word. And I'm sure it's not because she feels satisfied. The girl is too spoiled! In fact she tore the new Juicy outfit out of the envelope before Maggy and Violet even knew what happened. Ever since she saw this Tippi girl on Flickr she's been obsessed with posing, changing her clothes, posing some more. But, I have to say, that Tippi sure looks sweet, and I bet she's well mannered too, huh Lilly?
Well at least we had a day out. Now mom's got to work on deadline for some articles for Blythe Bliss, the absolute fashion and pop culture manual for all well-read Blythes. I'm also working on an interview with the artist Jade Adams for The Faerie Zine. Maybe if Lilly would get serious and apply herself, she could be a writer or an artist instead of a boy magnet.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gina!

Oh my! Lilly sure is a sassy girl, isn't she? She's a handful to keep up with, but she's too cute to get mad at I bet. Ha ha.

Love Lilly's new sassy outfit! Molli and Zelda are in awe of their super-fashionable friend!


Anonymous said...

Aww, that's so sweet of you for mentioning Tippi here. She's quite flattered and think you and Lilly so kind for including her in your daily entries :)
Hugs to you and your girls!