Saturday, January 23, 2010

More more mohair!

I have been searching high and low for a new Blythe that moved me, preferably with mohair. And, poof! She appeared on TIB by supervelma (these are her pics), who also has the coolest Lady Gaga Blythe for sale. But forget the Lady, I went gaga for this white mohair, who is as yet unnamed and only en route, but I am already envisioning fashions and photo shoots for her! Oh, the %$*&# Blythe Bug bites again! Won't this one make a great Alice in Wonderland or Snow White?

And speaking of Wonderland, I have been so taken with the OOAK creations by myownlittleworld2 on Flickr and Etsy! I finally bought one of her dresses. Should have gotten the matching hat, but just didn't think I should. Have done enough Blythe *damage* lately. And being back with "the bug," I am kicking mysef for ever selling my Mondie, French Trench, V-Smash and Gentle River, and even my ADG PP. At least I know they all went to very good homes.

I had been able to by my Mondrian on Ebay a few years ago for $400 and sold her for same a short time later because I didn't like her floppy Licca body and her stringy hair, even though I loved her boggled eyes. I just saw a first version today on Ebay for $2,000. Sheesh.

Gotta go crochet a hat. Found a great pattern site (knit, crochet and sewing) Creative Blythe, which led me to her Flickr, which led me to discover Plastic Paradise. All my Blythe friends are there. I must have been living under a rock not to know about this! Have a Blytheful day.

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