Monday, January 11, 2010

Hair today, chopped yesterday

The saying "hair today, gone tomorrow" might still apply to Miss Bunny Velvet (bottom). I can't seem to stop cutting her hair. When she arrived as an ADG Roaring Red, she literally had piles of hair (here). But when I "unpiled" it, it became all crazy and fuzzy and just kept getting bigger and out of control. Sometimes I think I should have left well enough alone. Then Miss Maggie cut it into a bob, but still it remained crazy. I've cut it twice, thinking to attach a wig permanently, like Maggie did with Georgia Peach. But, the wigs came, and they were too overpowering. Then I tried hats to no avail.

But now I'm starting to think she doesn't look half bad as a gamine, pixie-fresh version of Audrey Hepburn in her adorable stage. What do you think?

There will be NO messing with Daisy's hair (top). Her red finger curls are gorgeous and silky smooth, thanks to ruirui, her customizer from Tokyo. Daisy is so gorgeous I thought she deserved a pet, so now she has Daisy Duke, or Duchess, from the Liv doll series. Daisy wears vintage Blythe clothing from Bohemian Beats Again.


Bryanna Lenan said...

I like the pixie cut. You dont see that often... on a Blythe... (or at least I havent) Id keep it!

Amanda Botchko said...

I just wanted you to know that I think that pixie cut is ADORABLE!

Melinda said...

I like the pixie cut too!