Thursday, January 28, 2010

The girlz welcome Alice Snow

From the top, girls! Daisy, Bunny, Zena and Lilly put on their new bestest outfits (we had a little spree on Plastic Paradise and TIB) to welcome Alice Snow (bottom). Isn't she sweet? She has lovely clear eyes in shades of grey, green and blue as well as dark and vibrant purple. I love her little poof of white mohair. She was adopted from supervelma on TIB/a.k.a. rollerderbysinner on Flickr. Love that name!

Daisy and Zena are modeling new acquisitions from Gina Garan's TIB shop, while Bunny and Lilly have "used" duds (sssshhhh! don't tell them) from PP. Used, but divine nonetheless. And it's not like the previous owners wore them to work or anything, nor out in the muddy bog. So, it's all good! Repurposing and resaling at its tiny best.


PrincipessaShelley said...

She's a beauty! Congrats!

Bryanna Lenan said...

Love Alice Snow... xo Bryanna