Monday, February 1, 2010

Another fashionable weekend

The girls model some goodies we got in swaps and sales on TIB and PP as well as Ebay and Etsy. You try dressing six dolls with full accessories and then taking pictures, uploading, editing, etc., and let me know how long it takes! I was shocked when I looked at the clock in the wee hours between Friday and Saturday. But it's a fun much so that thousands of collectors all over the world get into it. There are conventions, photo shoots, costume contests (with huge international acclaim), active international forums, and there are sellers on Etsy and Ebay whose fashions and customized dolls sell in the blink of an eye for hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Blythe is definitely an international force to be reckoned with, and her US appeal hasn't even really taken hold yet. Amazing.

From the top down, (it's always good to give credit to the hard-working customizers and seamstresses), Alice Snow wears a heavily-embellished felt dress by myownlittleworld on Etsy. Check out her amazing fairy hats and other costumes. Also, a felt bag and stockings by Louos, a fluffy pink coat by unknown maker and Blythe-size "Uggs" (slightly bigger than mine as you can see), from the shop at This is Blythe by Gina Garan.

Maggy wears the cute navy pleated top or mini dress that arrived with Alice, white capris borrowed from a High School Musical doll, a red sweatshirt jacket from a TIB forum sale, and green "Converse" from the TIB shop.

Red-headed Daisy by Neroli/ruirui wears a vintage orange velvet Skipper dress from Ebay, along with Barbie boots, cream tights and a cream popcorn-like stitch crochet hat by MandyLynn from Flickr. Good vintage Skipper outfits (the oldest circa 1964-65*ish) are getting harder and harder to find. Actually, they can be found on Ebay, but the prices are astronomical in many cases. And complete in package? You're talking several hundred dollars or more.

Bunny Velvet in her black bob wig by Shopholican on Etsy and customized by momoko_girl_1 wears a cute baby cord floral dress by pistachiolibby on Etsy. The black mary jane shoes, orginally for Barbie, were once seen selling for as much as $50 on ebay (yes, just the shoes), until several people got smart and made molds and started mass producing the colorful jelly-like shoes. They are now much easier to come by, and so much cheaper, like $5-$10 from the TIB shop, Ebay, Etsy, etc.

Long blond Lilly, my first and foremost, wears a somewhat vintage Teen Skipper outfit from about 1979. The disco-y like dress is accompanied by platform shoes borrowed from a Disco Barbie.

Finally, blue-haired, but-not-old-lady Zena wears a knit skully hat and sweater from a Plastic Paradise sale, and originally from the TIB shop, Barbie cargo pants and Barbie Gap backpack, and Re-ment "Heidi" boots.

Love their various "personalities" and "playing" with fashion to bring it out. I'd feel so silly, except I know I am far from alone!

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