Sunday, February 7, 2010

Eeps! Get me a shovel. Blizzard-based buying binge besets me.

No idea what's up with the alliteration. That used to be considered proper headline-writing back in the day in journalism school. Maybe the 30+ inches of snow here near Washington, DC has left me stir-crazy. Or just crazy.

Having been house-bound since early Friday (my work instructed me to work at home), I've had to resort to my little laptop for entertainment. After updating two out of my three blogs, organizing, photographing and carrying out my own little Blythe virtual garage sale, staying up until 5 a.m. to read a book (see my art blog), watching Julie & Julia (loved it), watching the Puppy Bowl and Kitty half-time show on the Animal Planet channel (did you see the hamsters in the press box and the rabbit cheerleaders? Who are the Colts anyway?), I finally succumbed to internet shopping again.

Virginia isn't even here yet from Down Under, and now this little cotton candy fluff of a Blythe (Pinky? Punky? Pookie?) is en route, also from The Outback. I almost traded Maggy for her, but couldn't do it. Thank goodness I made a little money in my Blythe sale. There's still some goodies left, too.

That's good. Especially since I kinda, sorta, not accidentally bought Urban Cowgirl also. I've been coveting her and Casual Affair for a few months. This one has one set of custom eye chips and a little sand matting. I later saw this one I missed. How pretty is she? Anyway, 'cowgirl' comes without her stock, so I may have to break down and find a Blythe-size cowgirl hat.


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Maggi said...

I watched the Puppy Bowl for the first time tonight! Loved it! lol Bythes are so fun. I'm a Pullip girl myself but would love to own a Blythe one day!