Monday, February 15, 2010

Hair, hair down to there

And you thought it was the big eyes to see you with, my dear,
that interest me so much about Blythe. As for my first Blythe,
Lilly, I'm pretty sure it was her long blond hair that I admired. Here's me, looking not nearly as fashionable as Lilly, in the 1980s before Big Hair kicked in. This was probably my one and only good hair day ever, having just returned from two weeks in Florida. Up until this point, I'd never had a perm or a highlight or any professional service. Sometimes, I'd experiment with lemon juice or Sun-In, but other than that I knew nothing about high maintenance yet. Most of the time, in college, I'd wear it in a braided bun or pigtails- yikes. I pine for my long hair back often, not to mention the other trappings of youth. Lilly will just have to carry on for me.

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Bryanna Lenan said...

You are so beautiful Gina!! I love long hair, I am in the process of growing mine out... Ive always had long hair but after having JJ and nursing for a year... when I stopped my hair just fell out in clumps so I went short. Im over it and Im going back to long.

Gosh, do they even make SUN IN anymore... I love that stuff... that was always my highlight system, too... that and the good old lemon juice...

Crap, am I showing our age???