Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blizzard Boredom is Blythe Bonanza

What else is there to do in 30" of snow besides play dolls, right? Well, some might beg to differ. But hey. I dug out some albums (LPs, records, vinyl) for this shoot. That's "music" to you youngsters. Bunny looked smashing for the Rolling Stones "cover" in turquoise and green while Lilly matched the Go Go's and Daisy went with The Beach Boys.

Meanwhile, Lilly, Zena and Alice (from left) put on their best Fairy Tale duds to duke it out in the Alice and Snow wars. No pun intended, even if my newest is named Alice Snow, and we have a great Snow White dress for Blythe with OMG red vinyl boots from TIB shop, and even if it won't stop snowing where I am (27.9" so far).

Daisy's MOD Mondrian-art dress is from the TIB shop along with her tights. The boots are vintage Barbie. Maggy wears a ladybug dress and "Converse" from TIB with a ladybug hat by Creative Blythe, and Lilly wears vintage Skipper in the Go Go's photo. And I thought just Superbowl Sunday would be a good Blythe day!

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