Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday's Child

Daisy (red hair) is pretty stinkin' cute, but Lilly (blond, above) will always be my fave. I first stumbled on to Blythe about two and a half years ago when I discovered a lot of my art friends had Blythe dolls. I saw them in their photostreams on Flickr, in their artwork, as muses and inspiration, and although I didn't really remember Blythe from the early 70s, I was very intrigued.

I did weeks of studying on Flickr and ebay. I didn't really know what I was doing when I ordered Lilly, a new Star Dancer from Tokyo. I didn't know the difference between "neo" and "petite" Blythes, so I'm lucky I ended up with a full-size one. And I certainly didn't have any idea what RBL or EBL or SBL meant, and I'm not sure I do now!

But, I picked Lilly because of her hair. It reminded me of my daughter's hair, and maybe even my own back in the 70s. And better still, Star Dancer came with not one but two outfits, always a plus, since I didn't know then about the plethora of Blythe clothes available from around the world. And she came with earrings, which few do, so I was smitten.

It took two weeks for her to arrive, and I still remember the excitement of seeing my very first Blythe in person. I know a little bit more now, and I've gotten hooked on customized Blythes, like Daisy, Alice, Bunny, Virginia and Pookie. But Lilly will always be number one.

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