Saturday, February 2, 2008

MON-day on a Saturday or Mondie, Mondie

Maybe if I stopped with all the puns I could think of an actual name for this Blythe, a Mondrian, first version, BL with Licca body (bendy like Gumby instead of click-y like Skipper). This is my first experience with a bendy-bodied, boggled-eye BL girl, and I have to say the looks she makes with her eyes are just too precious. Even the DH seems to like her.
I figure she has been in her box 7-8 years, having come out in 2000-2001. Her first owner, a Barbie collector, purchased her right away, but never unsnipped her from her box or took much interest in Blythes- gasp!
So, she is quite welcome here, although she kept giving the two life-size cats funny looks. She also didn't like it when I wanted to use my computer. I think she thought I was going to post her for adoption or something. I tried to make her comfortable by curling her hair and getting her into some pj's, fuzzy sox and a robe. Looks cozy to me!
I'm leaning towards "Buffy," although not sure. I believe the V-Smash coming early next week, the redhead I've wanted, will be Angelica. My daughter Adrienne, now 24, was such an Angelica (as in Rugrats) when she was about seven. Our little Blythe family needs to be complete, because my budget is quite completed! We're waiting on some mary janes and Barbie stuff from ebay, and then our fun is over for awhile! Time to get that etsy shop going!


Rebecca (SewPixie) said...

She is just lovely! Buffy sounds like a good name, what does she seem to think of it so far? How about Monday? hehe


Gina M Smith said...

I don't know, Becca, Buffy doesn't seem to be working. Maybe Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

What a lucky mom you are to have a Mondie!

Naming is so tough. I still haven't figured out what to name my Aubrey. Gotta flip through my names book... :)

Welcome Tuesday!